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  1. Dose anyone have crazy frog jingle bells sequences they would be willing to share? q_folster@hotmail.com
  2. Would like a copy if still available? q_folster@hotmail.com
  3. Wondering if anyone has how far I'll go from the movie Moana that they would be willing to share? q_folster@hotmail.com
  4. Would I be able to get a copy as well? q_folster@hotmail.com
  5. I would like a copy if you are still sharing q_folster@hotmail.com
  6. Sorry I ment conversion cable not crossover
  7. Thanks. Im going to be using a e1.31 DMX bridge with a rj 45 connection. So I guess i would need a crossover on only the first controller and staight though cable to the second
  8. Hello i have 2 CTB16PC controllers that would like to run in DMX mode. My question is would I need a crossover cable for both controllers or just one for the first and use a strait through cable to daisy chain to the second.
  9. I was wondering if anyone has any sequence to snoopy vs the red baron ccr or regular lor. Anything will help thanks
  10. Could you draw a diagram for me when you get a chance Thanks
  11. Thank k6ccc I will probably use your advice
  12. Hello I'm looking at building a 50x24 pixel matrix display with a e682 or pixlite controller. I have 12 300 led 60/m 100 pixel ws2811 strips. My question is do I need power injection at the end of each strip if I'm using 12v. Also what size of power supply will I need would two 350w or one 700w be sufficient Thanks
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