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  1. Update Holiday Light Express light strings all new never used Holiday Light Express M6 Blue light strings 70 bulbs (24') - 15 available $10 each Holiday Light Express M6 Warm White strings 35 Bulb (12') - 5 available $5.00 each Holiday Light Express M6 Warm White strings 50 Bulb (17') - 3 available $7.00 each Holiday Light Express C6 Cool white Strings 35 Bulb (12') - 9 available $7.00 each Holiday Light Express C6 Cool white strings 50 Bulb (17') - 3 available $10.00 each Holiday Light Express C6 Cool White strings 70 Bulb (24') - 1 available $12.00 each Holiday Light Express C6 Blue light strings 35 Bulb (12') - 1 available $7.00 each M6 Blackout caps 150 available - $12.00 all new SPT-1 Vampire plugs Male 300 available - .45 cents each all new SPT-1 Vampire plugs Female 180 available - .45 cents each all new Mega Tree price reduced to $600 local pickup only All strings, plugs, caps plus shipping.
  2. These are all listed in my controller, mega tree, and more for sale thread. I thought some may pass up that thread because of no mention in title for light strings and plugs so started this new thread. Thanks you all. LED Light strings M6 and C6 all new and purchased from Holiday light express, quantity and prices in Controller Mega tree topic. SPT-1 vampire plugs, blackout caps, 1/4" wire frame clips black and white quantity and prices also in Controller Mega tree topic Please look at the controller mega tree thread for some good deals on lights etc. Keith
  3. Additional for sale all new Holiday light express LED light strings M6 Blue - 70 light strings - 24 available $10 each plus shipping
  4. Additional for sale - all new - These are all new LED light strands purchased from Holiday Light Express M5/6 LED light strands Color Green - 35 lights-3 available, 70 lights - 1 available Color Blue - 35 lights - 10 available -Color Red - 35 lights - 13 available Color Warm white - 35 lights 3 available, 50 lights - 1 available Color Pure/Cool white - 35 lights 14 available C6 LED Light strands Color Blue - 35 lights - 5 available Color Cool white - 35 Lights 9 available, 50 lights 3 available, 70 lights 1 available price 35 light strands - M6 $5.00 plus shipping C6 $7.00 plus shipping price 50 light strands - M6 $7.00 plus shipping C6 $10.00 plus shipping price 70 light strands - M6 $10.00 plus shipping C6 $12.00 plus shipping First IM or I'll take what post will take priority, I will combine shipping to save you money where I can I haven't posted or found all the light stands yet, I know I have more somewhere and will post as I find. Keith
  5. Additional for sale-all new SPT-1 vampire plugs LOR style male - 225 available .45 cents each plus shipping Gilbert style male - 90 available .45 cents each plus shipping LOR style female - 150 available .45 cents each plus shipping Gilbert style female - 35 available .45 cents each plus shipping 1/4" Wire Frame clips Black 2 500 each packages - $12 each pkg plus shipping White 1 266 each partial package - $6 plus shipping M6 Blackout caps from 3G lighting creations, rubber style for blanking out M5/M6 style bulbs pkg 100 - $9.00 plus shipping pkg 50 - $5.00 plus shipping I can ship pretty cheap via USPS flat rate box's, combine as much as a box will take, $8.45 small, $15.50 medium, $21.90 large and I think they have 50-100 insurance automatically and more for extra $ if needed. Keith
  6. Update All controllers sold Shooting Stars sold 6 of 10 Mini Trees sold 4 remaining Mini Trees price reduced to $30 each 4 each Holiday Coro singing trees reduced to $150 each all four $500. Mega Tree price reduced $700
  7. I am getting a lot of interest in the controllers, all that were available have been sold, and I have told 2 fellow lighters that if the few I was keeping become available I would let them know and they would have first choice. I appreciate the interest but wanted to update the status so everyone knows. Thanks very much, Keith
  8. add for sale 5. 10 each pvc 30" Mini Trees 8 of 10 built by Earle W Talley. 210 LED light strings of Red, White and Green total 630 LED lights per tree. $40 each Local pick up only.
  9. Due to some serious life changes I need to downsize my Christmas display. I am listing some now and will add to list as I can. 1. 10 each Gen 3 controllers CTB16PCG3, all work perfect and are stored in my home/office a/c environment - $135 plus shipping each. 2. 1 24' Mega Tree, 3G lighting creations mega tree kit complete, 45 light strands constructed with a stainless steel cable strain relief and 3 strands of LED lights of red, white and blue purchased from Holiday Light Express. I have 2-3 spare constructed light strands that go with mega tree. Also includes 2 boat winches to raise the light strands, 24" mega tree star single channel. I added pole doublers at each section to strengthen and ensure a safe tree. This would have to be a local pickup or meet 1/2 reasonable miles close to Jacksonville Florida area $800. This mega tree is complete and ready to go up, even includes SPT 3. 5 each 36" shooting stars with white LED lights installed. These stars were built by Doug P wire frame delights. $150 for all 5. local pickup only 4. 4 each Holiday Coro LED singing trees, all constructed and use Holiday Light Express LED lights, 800 bulbs each tree already installed. $200 each or $700 for all 4. Local pickup only Thanks for looking, Keith
  10. The Summer sale is usually in August, usually no limits on sale items.
  11. Idahocamper I will just say good luck with this, I asked the same question or participated in the subject a long while ago don't really remember it all, but the lawyers will tell you to leave it be because if you disable it and an accident occurs you open yourself up for all sorts of stuff. My buddy across the street and I started with LOR in 2015 I think it was and we disabled our bright street light in front of my house. We used a LED type spot light placed on top of the pole with a rope and pvc rig. Then I powered it through a channel from one of my controllers so when the show started it would shut off the light cause of the spot light aimed at the light sensor atop the street light, then when the show ended the spot light would turn off and allow the street light to come back on. We thought we had done a great thing, and we thought it was safe cause we turned it back on after the show but the lawyers had a different idea LOL. So for a couple years we got away with it, then the lawyer talk scared us into just leaving the light alone, sure was nicer looking with it off, but I digress. Good luck and I think I will just wait and see how your question goes. Good Luck, Keith
  12. JR is just amazing, I have been trying to sequence this longer than I want to admit, and he "busted it out" in less than 2 days, and I believe one of those days he was in the snow with his kids. Thank You JR, truly amazing, you are the best. The forum members here appreciate your effort, I know I sure do. Thanks, Keith
  13. JR Thanks for the info, I looked at his site but didn't take any time to view his songs, I wlll do that this week and see if he has any I am interested in, its good to know he use's the HC setup which I use also. I appreciate the sequences you gave me too, changing over your channel setup was easy and I like your work. I am making a large change (for me anyway) to my Mega Tree, I am adding 32 channels to the 46 it already has to control every string of lights on one color to see if it makes a big viewing change and if it does look better then I plan to add 64 more channels to control every string on every color. Right now I control 3 strings per channel and want to see what one per channel looks like. Keith
  14. Jim Thanks, I use them for the singing tree parts of my show and do the rest myself, I will give them a holler, might be another source for my singing tree's. I have been working off and on on one song for near a year to try and learn it but I just don't have the talent to put those mouth movements into a sequence . I did a little study under JR in his covid class for a few weeks and just couldn't grasp it, he has it down to a science and is good at it but I couldn't get it even with his help. Keith
  15. Jim Thanks for the links, I use a lot of holiday sequences.com but I have never heard of seasonal sequences.com, do you know what kind of channel assignment they use for their singing tree's? I am all LED and have no plans of going RGB so another source for the singing tree's is great. If you don't know I will email and ask them. Keith
  16. 1/2 inch I think would be too much, Doug at wireframedelights makes his out of 1/4 inch steel, The 20 feet of "Merry Christmas" sign he made me is very rigid and plenty strong. I believe you could use the HF welder mentioned to weld up 1/4 inch steel rod and the clips for attaching lights are readily available. Keith
  17. I have no RGB experience but have you tried rebooting the computer, My show all AC controllers behaved weird and the reboot fixed my show. And it is a very quick fix if it works. And if it doesn't some experts will be along shortly. Keith
  18. Changes for 2021 I am taking the 5 shooting stars off my roof to go from my front yard to the neighbors tall pine tree, and will try to install some form of lights near the top to light after the shooting stars go off in order, not to be very easy because the tree is a good 80-90 feet high. But that is the first half of my change. The other half is I am going to construct a 4' x 8' American Flag out of aluminum and stainless steel cable, with the lights tied to the cable to form the flag and then place it on the roof where the stars are. I am using the cable because I believe the wind will be negated that way and not become a wind sail. We had 55-60 mph winds this season and had to take my buddies flag off his roof because of the wind. And I hope constructing this way I can tilt the flag for best viewing angle regardless of wind. And the last change is I found 2 spare controllers in my office (thought only had 1 spare), so I think I will add them to my 24' Mega Tree, currently I am using 45 channels for the 135 light stands, 3 strands per channel for each color. I am thinking by adding 32 channels I can make near 2 strings per channel and make it look better. And of course if I find some more dollars I may add an extra mini tree to the 10 I have for 11. Will make sequencing easier maybe. That is my plan for next year, just ordered the lights for the flag from Holiday Light Express. After takedown only have about 300 days left, dang the days are counting down already LOL. Keith
  19. If he doesn't he will make you exactly what you want, click on his www address in above post and it takes you to his web site. Give him a email and he will make it happen, I was very happy with my "Merry Christmas" sign that he made for me this year. We hung it over the road and it was a big hit with our guests, it really made our street. Keith
  20. New years day is our earliest, if it stays dry the 1st will again be our takedown day.
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