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  1. Welcome to the Hobby, I would recommend you put this posting in the sequence sharing listing, it will get more help there. Keith
  2. I want to let all my fellow lighters to know what a fantastic company Holiday Light Express is, they saved my show this week when I had 20 blue strings of my 24' Mega Tree show signs of problems, they sent me a case of Blue 70 light strings at a discounted price and shipping was unbelievable, spoke with them Friday and the box arrived Monday (yesterday). How can you do that? They made it possible to get my Mega tree up and running for a early all lights on last night. I am sure a lot of you know Holiday Light Express and their outstanding service and products, but I just wanted to
  3. We started tonight and I was very pleased with the response, a lot more cars than I thought we would have for 3 days early on a Monday. Lots of people very happy to see the street lit up again, glad we started early! Keith
  4. There are 2 RJ45 ports and 1 RJ11 port, have you tried swapping out the cables positions in the controllers, moving the controllers to a different position in the sequence of controllers. You need to identify which controller is having the issue then move it to the end of the line and use the one RJ45 connector that is working. Or you could use the RJ11 connector with telephone wire and connector for the controller that is having the issue. Keith
  5. We also light up Thanksgiving night, but my wife said we should light up early cause she's seen more early lighters and it made her feel good, so I think I will light up tomorrow night and join the early club. The way this year has been i'm all for feeling good, at least better. Keith
  6. Easiest thing to do to get thru Christmas is to place that controller last in line, that way you just use the port still working. Reassign ID number on the failed controller to the number usually last in line and same for the replacement, then after Christmas you can repair or send to LOR for repair. Keith
  7. I know what you mean. We all felt like that the first time, each sequence later it will get easier. Were you able to create a new sequence then load the music?
  8. Outstanding, we've had a bunch of traffic coming by to see if we were setting up, everyone thanking us too, Thanks for posting Mr. P Keith
  9. It would probably get more views or action if you posted this in the Sequence Sharing section, someone might have already sequenced it and will share with you.
  10. You can use the 32 channel, your system will only control 16 channels, so go for it, look at the lights controlled by it and modify or fine tune it to your layout, RGB will not do you any good so try and obtain or buy sequences without RGB, the RBG will only add to the confusion right now. The FM transmitter you noted looks ok but I have no experience with but the one I mentioned but buying from Amazon gives you a lot of leverage if it doesn't work out. Keep us informed and if any question pops up we will be here to help. Keith
  11. LaughsBrightly is correct, they are all keyed alike, do yourself a favor and hide one of the keys in a safe place you will remember, (my problem is I don't remember) where it is. Keith
  12. The new controllers have keys, when you loose the keys just call Light O Rama and they will send you some, just guess how I know that LOL. I prefer the old cases over the keyed ones, much easier to get in and out of, there is a lock hole if you need them on the older ones. I really don't think the new ones with the key lock are very secure except for maybe an honest 10 year old. Any one else who want it or wants in can get in pretty easy.
  13. Jim is right, but it is going to be 4x16 feet with four trees, That is a lot of wind break. We thought of same thing but I ended putting mine attached to sidewall of my garage and my buddy's across street on the roof but up against the two gable's on the front of his house, bolted to each other and bolted to front of gable. Works real well, takes 4 of us to get them up and bolted down but works really well. Keith
  14. You should have a green bulb, right click on the bulb and the menu will appear, enable shows and you should be good. Keith
  15. Just an update for all who may need this in future. Jim you were spot on. We plugged in the remainder of the lights the controller normally controls and we are back to normal, no snubbers needed and all lights are turning off like normal. I learned something today, I will not power up a controller until all my lights are connected, don't think it hurts anything but now I know. Thank You to all who contributed suggestions and advice, enough lights connected no snubbers needed. Keith
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