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  1. So sorry folks, I have several big projects going at work and it's just been a madhouse! Everyone has been super helpful, and I really appreciate everyone's help to this point. Update: Still using tree on Twinkle. Frank B very kindly sent me one of his sequences (Thank you!). Opened sequence and visualization in SS and it looks wonderful. Very nice work, Frank! As I said earlier I'm a visual learner, so I set about creating a show using Frank's sequence so I could get an overview of the whole workflow and multiple softwares involved. (NOT going to use Frank's work for anything other that testing/learning!) Show didn't work. Best guess is ID's are wrong. Frank suggested opening sequence in SE and changing them. Boy, is that a job! I'm through the second strand of eight and I've tested. Those 2 strands don't work. Still using Twinkle from the HU! Maybe I don't understand the relationship between units, strands, and pixel bulbs? The funny part is I work on the technical side of a very technical industry and I'm just not getting it. Maybe because my mind is focused on the projects, I don't know. I am learning, just don't have a full understanding at this point. Any help is appreciated!
  2. I'm sorry everyone for the delay. It's been a rough few days at work this week. I'll get back at this today and see where I can go with the help provided so far. Thank you everyone for your time and help. I'll provide an update soon!
  3. It's a Pixie 8 - only 8 circuits each with a 4amp fuse. There are 8 strands of 50 pixels, but each strand is split between 2 up/down strips making it 16x25. http://store.lightorama.com/whpitrkit16s.html
  4. Hello JR, Thank you for taking a few moments to help. Much appreciated! It is the 16x25 tree. I opened Superstar and it shows Demo Mode. I did upgrade to the Pro license, but I'll buy Superstar if needed. I believe it is a Pixie 8 - 8 total connections for 16x25 or 8 strips of 50 split each with a 4amp fuse.
  5. Hello all! So, after several years of asking the wife if I could beg/borrow/build/steal an animated tree for the front yard she (probably against her better judgement) allowed my to purchase the LOR 6ft pixel tree. Yay me! Tree arrived yesterday and I connected everything in the house (she who must be obeyed was not happy) and found 2 strands that didn't work. Traced it back to 2 wires on channel 2 and 5 that weren't tightened in the connector. Tree is now installed outside (she who must be obeyed even helped) and tested. I've tried to play with Pixel Editor, sequence editor, and superstar sequencer, but to be honest I'm confused. Best I can do is use Hardware Pro to shimmer the lights, etc. I've even tried to play the samples in the installation folders with no luck. I'm a visual learner, so what I would like to do is: ask you fine folks for help, assistance, and guidance. I'm late to the game, and I'm trying to hit a base run on my first at bat! a better option might be to buy a sequence designed specifically for the pixel tree and reverse engineer the process, but I can't seem to find anything that is tree specific. Any Ideas, suggestions, or will she who must be obeyed get the final work in the argument that will likely happen if I don't produce results! Signed, The guy in Indianapolis who has a sense of humor, but no previous experience. Otherwise known as Dave.
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