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  1. 3 in my van at this time. Got a couple of others I'm still trying to recruit. Doug tell your wife I'm bringing Brad per her request. Also met another decorator while I was in Texas for the Expo that only lives a couple of miles from me. Another LOR user to keep you guys company with a very nice display. Jim
  2. I'll be there with Brad and maybe a few others. I have found 3 more shows close to me that I knew nothing about last year.
  3. This was put together by mikeh65 on doityourselfchrismas.com. I’m passing this along since he is not a member of this forum. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright, here you go everyone!! Get them while they are hot. The ELF t-shirt campaign has been started. Link: http://www.teespring.com/elfshirts Pricing: T-Shirt: $16.00, Long Sleeve T-Shirt: $18.25, Hoodie: $25.75 In green, blue, or pink Shipping is listed on the page and available worldwide.
  4. Where is info about this mini? I do not see any mention of it on any of the 5 Christmas forums I regularly visit.
  5. Leaving Kennesaw at 7am. Will have at least one other addict with me.
  6. There is a local man selling off his whole display due to moving to a new home. I will bring info about that . There are 10 LOR controllers in the package.
  7. I will be coming up from Kennesaw with 3 of us in my van so far. I can bring one of my landscape edging arches and some of the new plastic strips used for nodes on mega trees if no one has seen those. I also have the xl4 software as I'm on the beta test list. I'm not an expert, but I can bring it along to let everyone look at it.
  8. I'm hoping to make. I have a tentative commitment to another event. If that falls thru I'm there.
  9. Any chance whoever has the matrix that Doug built might bring it by? I am hoping to get a small matrix up this season. I have the lights (1809 flex strips), but have not settled on the mounting yet. I know that Doug sold it to someone up there, maybe Andy?
  10. I will be going up. I have not missed the last 4 of these. I will be leaving Kennesaw about 7am. Call me.
  11. With all the pixels i now have, I no longer need these two backup units. Both are brand new never been used still in factory boxes. Purchased in 2009. one CTB16PC card assembled complete package $185 plus shipping plus paypal one CTB16PC card assembled with High power heatsinks installed $125 plus shiping plus paypal shipped from Georgia 30144. Jim Nealand
  12. What I have done in the past is to visualize it looking down from the top and just use 3 lines crossing. Not very realistic, but it works for me and is easy to do
  13. Where is the config file located and what is its exact name? thanks
  14. Keep in mind that many older computers will run the shows just fine and if you can dedicate an older unit to just your show it will give you some piece of mind. I recently picked up a used off lease corporate PC at a local mom and pop computer place for $200. This was a Dell 3.0 ghz P4 with 80gb hard drive and 2gb of ram and a legal copy of XP Pro.
  15. I can't find mine, but I printed out a 40% off coupon from HobbyLobby.com and will be heading over to the store tomorrow. They have LKP on display for $19.97, so with coupon I will only be paying $12. Even if I find my existing one in some tub it will be nice to have a spare.
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