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  1. I totally understand you not expecting to win. I've been doing projection mappings for 3 years now and a lot of people just don't get it. They think it's throwing a video on a wall. They want to hear and see stuff. How many lights, controllers, inflatables, etc.. I did an interview for a paper with someone that hadn't seen my house. She just kept asking about the traditional side of the house. I finally just said to check out the video online. It's nice that you have such bright projectors to do something like this. I separate mine on opposite ends of the house as to not over power the proje
  2. Another thing to consider is projection distance and projection size. Go to projectorcentral.com and lookup the model you're looking at. It will tell you the throw distance range and image size range. Make sure the size is large enough for the area you want to project on and that you have enough distance away from it.
  3. I had a lady get real snippy with my wife because it was dusk and the show wasn't going. After all, she informed her that she had 3 kids in the car and family plans. I loved my wife's response. "Sorry lady, I don't know how to turn all this on and he's not home from work. He's busy working so he can pay for the free show you're complaining about". Golf clap... I agree, you hit the nail on the head. It's all about me, me and me these days.
  4. To answer your question - Yes they heat up running for even a short time. Even being in the cold weather, I have to vent my enclosure and have an exhaust fan. You also have to shut them down slowly or you can blow a bulb. You might find it easier without any angles initially. Mapping a flat surface is much easier. I'm sending my video via wireless. I'm not sure how or if I can combine that with LOR. Having used cables in the past, I recommend using wireless streaming.
  5. Does anyone else get rude people? I have to restrict my show hours and clearly post them in many places. Yet I get rude people demanding to turn things on right at dusk. Usually I have things going early and late as well and I still get rude people and even people honking. It's like certain people feel entitled to something we do with no personal gain (except for spreading Christmas spirit and making people happy). I don't let them get to me, but I can't help but wonder what these people are thinking? Get your Christmas spirit and quit being a jerk as you're watching a free show!
  6. I have used the more expensive Sanyo and BenQ short throw projectors with a lot of success. This is my third year of doing projection mappings and I can say that my third year, I finally got really good at it. It's a huge initial learning curve and you will have a lot of trial and error. If you're wanting to include it as shooting a video on the side of your house as part of a LOR light display, that shouldn't be too bad, but you'll need a really bright projector. I'm not sue about running it from LOR, I don't see how you would do that. I 'm adding LOR stuff for next year on the other side of
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