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  1. Scaling back this year and have the following items for sale: All of these controllers are Ver. 1 8 CTB16PC Controllers all have been converted to single power cord use. 120 ea These controllers have no output cords. A cord set from LOR costs $30.00 2 CTB16PC Controllers all have been converted to single power cord use. 150 ea These controllers have standard LOR output cords. 1 ShowTime mini director
  2. Scaling back this year and have the following items for sale: 11 CTB16PC Controllers all have been converted to single power cord use. 175 ea 1 ShowTime mini director 75 1 Servo Dog 60 Light-O-Rama Director Card with MP3 Player (original model) 150 1 iDMX1000
  3. Building a 4 meter tall RGB tree this year that will have 16 strands of flex RGB’s on ½ inch EMT conduit. I was wondering how to paint the tubing, but I knew painting galvanized metal was a real problem. (chipping etc.) The current issue of Planet Christmas magazine arrived and I read the article by Scott Farkus on building a RGB tree. He used 3/4” shrink tubing. Great idea, but when I priced it out it was running $1.00+/foot! Contacted Chuck Smith and he provided me with link to an EBay source: http://www.ebay.com/itm/170779739455?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 M
  4. I am not using lor at all. I am going from the FPD (DMX) to the CCR. Bob
  5. Thanks for the responses...I am using a crossover cable. The main problem seems to be that the data rate to the CCR is about 1/10 of the rate to other lights. Bob
  6. Having xLights/Falcon FPD/LOR CCR problems and I am not sure what is causing the problem. My CCR is set for RGB only. I am using xLights 3.3.2. The CCR is connected to a FPD with port set for DMX control. If I plug a 27 channel DMX controller into the DMX port everythings works as expected. If I connect the CCR to the DMX port the CCR flashes are very erratic. I have some WS2811’s connected to an F-16 also connected to the FPD and they follow the test commands from xLights correctly. Any thoughts? Bob
  7. I ordered some pixel strings from Ray on Sunday the 5th...they were delivered today on the 8th!!! Bob
  8. Thanks. I have mailed him a copy of the message from the web page. I am only ordering two pieces at this time to evaluate. Does he have a separate site to order from?
  9. I have been trying to order some pixel strings for evaluation from Ray Wu, but am having problems. When I go to finalize the order the web site shows the attached message. I thought perhaps Rays database did not have WV in it's data base! so I tried my old address in FL....same thing. Any suggestions appreciated. Bob
  10. All the material has been taken. Bob
  11. I am reducing the size of my display and have the following items for pickup. All items are free and are located in Martinsburg WV. 8 Fire stick/Bellagio light poles. 10 ft. tall 7 - 100 count clear strings on pole with red Star Light Sphere on top. Some spheres only have half of the lights lit up. 5 ft ¾” EMT for mounting included. 4 Homemade giant snowflakes. Each one different and use 200-300 incandescent lights. Made from ¼ inch steel rod and need painting. 10 ft. section of 1 1/2 " PVC included for mounting next to house. Original 10-12 foot mega tree from Christmas Light Sh
  12. No I have moved and have not changed my screen name or pic....sorry. Bob
  13. This is the style of tree I am planning for next year. Do you by chance have a closeup pic of the tree "head". I am particularly interested in how you fasten your EMT legs . Regards -Bob
  14. John right click on the file...select rename and change the .bak to .lms. HTH Bob
  15. Really like your tree and is the same string count that I will be using for next year. What did you do for the support frame. Regards- Bob Chrisp Martinsburg WV
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