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  1. would be nice to read what was done to fix this problem as I am having the same issue. But glad your working ok. Sad I cannot read the fix.
  2. I keep it simple myself. So I would setup controller A with universe 1 -16. and therefore universe 1 will control port 1 on the controller. universe 2 will control port 2 etc etc.and in your case you only need to go to Universe 12. but the controller can go to universe16 so you would have 4 ports not being used. That would be 13,14,15,16 and that's ok. So with that said. We talk about controller B now. Since Universe 1-16 are used up, you need to start Controller B at 17-32. Again the same as prementioned but the only difference is now port 1 on controller B is Universe 17. Therefore port 2 o
  3. Hi there. When using the Curtain Effect the visualization is facing to the right but the curtain edge is set to center. Confused as to why its not facing me as I look at the screen. Using some swag and I see the effect working but it faces out to the right side of the screen so I get a side preview of it opening and closing properly. Can I change a setting so the curtains open facing me as I look at the screen. Using Tree 360 degrees Wedges bottom left. Confused
  4. Ok thanks for the info guys. Will give it a try and see how things turn out.
  5. Hello guys and girls. I have bought 2 E1.31 controllers. Made a mega tree and had some great settings in PE to program it. Worked great neat effects pleased. This year I have added a second E1.31 for a roof line. But the choices in PE are not great. Have I gone at this incorrectly. I have pro S4. It just seems the programming choices are not great. Should I program with some other program. I find superstar very confusing to use. Honestly have never really got it to work at all. Just wondering if there were addons for S4 spefic for roof lines coming out in PE. Thanks
  6. I have 5 CTB16Pc controllers and they all work just fine on last years setup, which was WinXP and version 3.12.2. Just tested them a few mins ago. This year using computer #2. its a Windows 10 and I have a E1.31 controller attached to computer with a crossover Cat5. it works Flawlessly, But I can't get last years controllers to work. They are connected with the USB Rs485 dongle then cat5 to controller. When I go to control panel it will turn on and off the lights to which ever controller that is hooked up. So It appears I have good communication. I have "control lights" turned on in SE and in
  7. Hi there. I am using visualizer to view my work created with PE. Got the channels all setup in PE and in VI. The problem is that my Mega Tree has 25 ft long pixel ribbons and i only want a 12.5 ft tree. So i will fold over and come back down. No biggie that how its setup in PE and it looks good in this utility. But in VI ( visualizer) i can't set it up that way. Only edge to centre. Therefore the ribbons are only suppose to go up to top of tree. There is no folder option. So i need one of you guys to tell me I'm nuts and there is a way to fold it over and make it work in VI. thanks
  8. I was able to get this going. My channels were not setup correctly in PE. I experimented and got things going Lesson learned, Read less think more.
  9. Hi there. Need help. I was wondering if I'm trying the impossible. Is it possible to get a short test sequence made in SE and a short test sequence made in PE to both play at the same time in visualizer. When i play back SE in Visualizer it works great. no issue there. and yes i see the PE props at the bottom of SE. So the PE info is there but not showing on visualizer. Now i am not sure if i have properly setup my channels on PE. I have the New E1.31 controller that was just released from LOR a few months ago with 16 pixel strings. I believe they are sold as 50 lights on the 25 ft string. So
  10. If its not too much work can you post the link here once your done Bob.................. and you rock ... many thanks................
  11. Thanks so much. We know a beta wont be perfect. So i think we all have to be patient. But when these guys jump to it this fast OMG i can't ask for anything better than this for support. Truly remarkable............. Thanks so much for the hard work. Really impressed. Thanks
  12. I have downloaded LOR 4.3.0 and it looks great. But i open SE all good. I opened VI and loaded my visualizer file that associated with my SE file. Press play in the visualizer and LOR Visualizer error comes up Reboot Required cannot enter simulation mode. Time is running Backwards. . i have shut down the computer. Restarted a few times and same error coming up. Any hellp would be great. thank you
  13. i am trying to create snowflakes falling. Easy enough in PE but i would like them to build up on the bottom till the snow piles up.
  14. I have the new E1.31 controller. I have mini sequences that I have constructed to test and get to know pixel editor to sequence editor relationship. The issue when I constructed a small sequence in sequence editor called (test Sequence) all was fine. Ct16pc controllers work great when I hit play. I can see the lights blink off the controller. Good so far. Now I open up pixel editor for my mega tree. the new E1.31 is hooked up and a few test strings attached. 4 strings @ 50 Pixels each all LOR products. In pixel editor I open the sequence (Test Sequence) and setup up my channels and the mega t
  15. Hello there. I have purchased few A/C controllers and really enjoyed my first season. Now its time for new ideas and one display i keep seeing on you tube is the front a house all lit up and the sections of lights move down the string in small blocks. I am wondering how this effect is done. thanks
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