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  1. I have purchased 2 Pixie 8's in the past. Where are these listed in the Light O Rama store? Also looking for a Pixie 2. Not seeing anything but the Pixcon 16 listed on the site unless I am missing something. Also saw another product. The PixieLink. Where are these listed? What is the price? Looks neat. Thanks HVACR
  2. I have worked in ver4.3.24. I have used the "Channel Configuration" import/export function. I have upgraded and have on another computer ver5.3.10 Where is the "Channel Configuration" import/export function? I tried the Grid Configuration function and that's not it. Thanks HVACR
  3. I require counselling in regards to my Christmas light addiction. HVACR
  4. Each Pixel uses .6 watts or 50ma @ 12Vdc. 100 pixel's would be 5amps or 60 watts. Use a rule of thumb. I always oversize the power supply a little as to not risk overloading power supplies. HVACR
  5. Ray Wu has RGB lights with C9 fake covers. I have some but they failed to make it into my display this year. This would be the cheapest way to go. He has lots of choices. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/701799/search?origin=y&SearchText=C9 HVACR
  6. I would like to have a copy please. Thank You. HVACR taco6513@yahoo.com
  7. My local ACE Hardware has 2 15ft cords for 9.99 . I have about 4500 ft of cords. My setup changes a little every year so my cord needs change a little every year. I looked at the vampire plugs this seem to be the better way for me. HVACR
  8. I have the "Advanced" licence. The information that I am reading the current licence I have will not do what I currently need. I am confused with the terms S4 and superstar. I want to program pixels. What do I need to upgrade to? Thanks HVACR
  9. There are 800 pixels on this prop. Only 2 or 3 stay red.The Power supply is also running a large amount of dumb RGB stuff. The Pixels are in the middle of the string of 100 if that helps. HVACR
  10. I have 2 or 3 pixels that stay red when the show is off. Are these pixels dead? They stay on when power is applied with no network. Just cut'em out and replace them? HVACR
  11. I roll my cords on a large water hose spool. I get about 800 ft of 15ft cords on a spool. I have 5 spools full this year. HVACR
  12. Another show comes to an end. It is sad the lights are no longer running. I had more people watching this year than any other. I think that was a successful show. Get to take it all down for storage. Going to start repairs and working on next year ASAP. Have a great new year!!! HVACR
  13. Pleasant people will be praised and obnoxious people will be tazed. Crowd control Texas style.
  14. Ray Wu. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/group/Christmas-lights/701799_503839510.html The more you order the cheaper the freight.
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