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  1. ok, yeah it should work as planned because i am not deleting any channels from the sequences. So that is a good news to hear. BUT, i am changing the config up quite a bit (moving channels over to new controllers due to yard layout, renaming them (used to be window and now it is front door, etc.) So i feel i will have a mess? But let me see (i will be making copies of every sequence and play around with those in case i jack it up beyond belief, i will still have my originals. And having only 15 + sequences, maybe i will be done by Thanksgiving. Well... thanks again for all the advise, sure do
  2. Yep, Orville is the MAN! And all you guys are awesome. Thanks for all your help. So, that is all i have to do, is just export it. Save it, open another sequence and import it in. AND, now that i know how to do that, I can now change up my channels to new controllers, move stuff around that has changed, Then just export the config again, open another sequence, import it in and BAM! Back in action. Once again, thank you ALL for the tips and advise. Now get back to sequencing. Only 94 more days until it is power up time. (Can't thank you all enough)
  3. I need some help. We just moved and I am adding a picture of the new house so i can see how the show will look. So i opened one sequence and hit view animation. Then changed the pic, drew the new locations of my existing items. That is all fine, but it just changed it for that one song. How do i change the animation for ALL my projects? I need a global change for all projects. How can one go about doing this? Thank you in advance for a quick reply.
  4. i got 2 with the ELL (as i have holiday plugs in the soffit, and didn't want to run the cat-5's. Now i just need to buy the actual ELL's to run these wireless (as well as more out front) Anyone other than Basis use 3 ELL's?
  5. I bought them in the spring sale, so we will see. Thanks guys.
  6. Ok, nice. Just wanted to make sure I can do multiple (more than 2) off of the same ELL from inside. perfect. Thank you sir. So i only need one pair to run that, then the CTB04RF already has the ELL in there, so golden! Thank you again sir.
  7. I have a questions, I have 2 - CTB04RF (light controllers with wireless ELL's) and I need to go from inside the garage wireless to the 2 - CTB04RF's AND start a regular chain of controllers in the yard. Can the ELL (RF-V5)'s transfer signal to more than one unit? In other words, 3 wireless ELL's, be controller by 1 wireless ELL? Computer - RJ:45 to 1 wireless ELL (RF-V5) ......................... Wireless To: --------------- ELL (1) (CTB04RF) -----------------ELL (2) (CTB04RF) -----------------ELL (3) to a chain of CTB16PC's I hope this makes sense to some awesom
  8. Well after spending over $800 on my first controllers you would think i would get a version of the software that has some perks, i just expected more since i spent that much. But you are right, i will probably go for advanced $70 more. HOW CAN I SEE WHAT IS ADDED with each of the software upgrades? i really thought i was screwing up not seeing another track to add. nevermind, i see it now: http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-suite-software
  9. Thank you sir. Just getting started here. Man, what a bummer! I am trying to follow the John Storm vidz and makes it a lil tough. I need more! haha. thanks again- $50 EXTRA dollars? ouch. Great software... but man! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  10. For some reason i can't add more than one track? is that a problem or do i have some cheap version? i am using basic plus and v3.12.0 I added one track but "duplicate track" isn't selectable???
  11. Holy Crap. Count me in. GLove7777@hotmail.com Thank you-
  12. i am a newbie and need all i can get. Send to GLove7777@hotmail.com Anything you wanna share. Frozen and others stuff. Send it on. THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance.
  13. Where does everyone buy their: 1. Lights? 2. Megatrees and displays/decorations? Is there a secret website i don't know about that is super cheap for us techies? Wow lights?
  14. Yeah, i watched a vid this morning and DL'd the software just to start playing with it. And with knowledge of Pro Tools and Reaper, i should get hooked real easy on this. Poor guy in the video had a little hard time with getting the downbeat right. I am drummer, i got this Can't wait till next year, but I will start all my "building" now. Thanks Tony-
  15. Thank you all for your awesome comments. So stoked to get started. I had the small stupid controller bought at lowes that does "something", and got so annoyed with it. I blew it off and ran direct this year. Can't wait to make the jump for next year. Thank you again. Can't wait. 2015, the year of the drummer lights.
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