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  1. Hey James, can I get a copy of the arguing trees. It is for my personnel use and I will not share or sell. Thanks Charley cdlouke@att.net
  2. James can i get a copy please. I promise not to sell or share. For my private use only. Thanks cdlouke@att.net
  3. Hey James. can I get a copy please. I promise not to share. cdlouke@att.net Thanks Charley
  4. Hey Gang, I am planning on attending the expo in Vegas this coming July. I am wondering on the value of attending the pre expo LOR immersion class verses just attending LOR classes included with the registration. The immersion class is an added expense. Is it worth the money? I have been using LOR for about 6 years but have been using bought, borrowed or instant sequences that I have shaped to my setup. I am pretty loss when attempting to make my own original sequences and want to step-up my game. I am running 64 channels of LEDs, 2 pixie 16 for 2 trees and a pixie 8 for my 30 foot arch
  5. I have a few wire frames with incandescents that have quit working. I would like to replace them with LEDs or rope lights. Any thoughts or recommendations on either. Also who would be a good vendor to get the needed clips. Thanks
  6. M, I had the same problem last year and LOR replaced the flood free of charge. I recommend you open a ticket with them and ask
  7. I got mine working. It was a bad Cat cable. It was sending info before and after the flood but not to the flood its self. Go Figure! Jim Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Jim, No, Flood #14 is in between the pixie 16(Unit #4) and flood Unit #15.
  9. Ok Guys need some help! I have two CF50 Floods, Flood #14 and 15 I am using. I can test each one independently in HU and both work. When I plug them into the chain and configure with HU Flood #14 is not seen. Anyone have any Ideas. Setup is: CTB16PC-Unit #1,2,3. Pixie16 Unit 4 CF50 Floods Unit 14 and 15 Pixie 08 Unit #16
  10. James if this is still available would love a copy. Thanks for all you do. cdlouke@att.net I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share
  11. Thanks Orville. I figured out the colors being off they were wired in a different order. I still can not figure out why one tree displays everything correctly and the one does not display correctly on strands 1-4
  12. Hey Folks I need some help. First off I didn't think I was even going to be able to have a show this year because of recent surgery. A few friends and a very special lady of mine showed up over the weekend and setup a portion of my display. Its great to have a few lights doing the blinky blinky. Problem is this. They set up my 2 pixel trees, but they are out of wack. They are both set as devise #4 and I wanted them to mirror each other. They are pixie 16's, running 16 strands of 50. One tree is running fine the second tree's colors are off and lighting just a few pixels on strands 1-4.
  13. James could I get a copy please Thanks Charley cdlouke@att.net
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