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  1. JR, I created a spreadsheet for this intensity. If you are interested I can convert it for use in preview and send to you. It follows the same proportional curve as other LOR pixel curves. I was also thinking of moving to this curve this year anyways.
  2. I downloaded the large pumpkin and really cleaned up my Halloween preview. Thanks for the insight.
  3. I learned this lesson this winter when an ice storm collapsed my pixel tree. The cables were frozen to the ground so when the tower collapsed forward it pulled one of my RJ45 jacks nearly right off the board. I need to look into getting some of those HC extensions, and maybe also putting service/drip loops at each controller.
  4. I did not know that. Seems like I will be able to cleanup my Halloween preview.
  5. No worries. I'll probably go ahead and get one anyways. Although I have never needed it, it seems like LOR product service is excellent.
  6. I found a Signstek ST-7C on Amazon, and they claim the same FCC ID as on their ST-05B that you pictured (FCC ID: 2ASVO05B7CT200). Is this normal? I would think it should be unique. It also has the same "IC ID". Do you like it?
  7. I've been lurking on this topic. Glad you got a replacement and am curious how it works out. I am thinking of upgrading from a G3-MP3 to an N4-G4-MP3 this year.
  8. I sequenced it. I originally sequenced it using my five singing LED string Christmas trees in early 2020. Then for the Halloween show, since I was adding the 4 pixel bulbs (now 6) I copied the sequence over to my Halloween preview. Except for one spot in the song, the pixel bulbs were basically operated just like the LED string trees. This was really my first jump into pixels. Between Halloween and Thanksgiving I did a lot of experimenting and learned a lot which I think you can see the result of in my Christmas videos.
  9. HolidayCoro RGB one is here: https://www.holidaycoro.com/RGB-Singing-Pumpkin-Face-p/17rgb.htm My AC-controlled LED light strings came from Holiday Light Express. As JR stated, you can buy lights from wherever you want. If using LED strings, I would stay away from using ones from the big box stores as my "early years" experience is they do not last. It is early in the year...if you plan to jump straight to using RGB pixels you probably should start experimenting and becoming familiar with the tools now. Again, lots of good detail and people out here to help. If going RGB, chec
  10. I tried a couple different tools to determine the "best" frequency to use, only to throw those suggestions out and do it the manual way...Park the car out in front of the house and go through freq-by-freq to find the least powerful one that I could then "override" with my transmitter. I am in Northern Virginia and at my elevation every frequency has something.
  11. Welcome to the hobby (or obsession). The large coro pumpkin (46"x46") came from HolidayCoro.com (https://www.holidaycoro.com/Singing-Pumpkin-p/17.htm). I have it mounted on a 2x4 frame painted black. I used M6 sized LED bulbs from Holiday Light Express. It is controlled by 8 channels of a 16 channel LOR CTB16PC. The other 8 non-singing pumpkins (also from HolidayCoro) use the other 8 channels of that controller. As for making it sing, that was all me, using LOR S5 sequencing software, with the show run from a LOR G3-MP3 Director. If you have other questions (which you will) plea
  12. I still use the LOR whole house transmitter I bought back in 2014. At that time it came with, I am guessing here, a 10' wire antenna that I have always used. It gives me about a 100 yard range. This year I put ferrite cores/magnets on any wire entering that box and those really cleared up my signal so I am now no longer broadcasting noise/hum from the other controllers. I have my G3-MP3 Director in the same box as the transmitter. Nobody ever complained, but I noticed (we all tend to be our own worst critic).
  13. Brian, I cannot share the audio file for copyright/legal reasons. But I will send you directions via email as to where to get the Griswold audio part from and where to purchase the song from so that you can make it on your own using Audacity (a free app).
  14. I also unplugged the last of my lights tonight. They were the 8 channels of multi-colored lights on the shrubs. These have been on (show or static) since Thanksgiving night. Seems so dark and boring out there now.
  15. I am of no help with that software; I use iMovie on my mac. This year I used a Canon EOS 80D to take multiple different video views of the various songs in my show. While recording the video, I had a small FM receiver plugged into the audio input of the camera, and a headset on the camera output so that I could hear it. Once I got all the video that I wanted, I then came back inside and selected which shot I wanted where, using the recorded audio track waveform as my key to properly align the cuts. Once I had everything the way I wanted, I overlaid the actual MP3 audio on top, aligned it w
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