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  1. I was really impressed by user zing's Griswold opener mashup with Hallelujah Choir. But since I did not get any response to my request for a copy, I set out and created one on my own. I used audacity to capture the soundtrack audio off a clip on YouTube, and purchased the music off iTunes. I researched the version used elsewhere in the movie and it is actually "The Messiah: Part the Second - Chorus X". The "X" is roman numeral for 10, and the track is 3:43 long. It is performed by The Scholars Baroque Ensemble. I used audacity to cut, edit, and merge the two audio tracks together to get
  2. I agree with the assessment. I gave up waiting and created my own version Thanksgiving morning (went live with my show that night). I captured the movie audio from a clip on YouTube using Audacity, and then found the correct version of Hallelujah Choir used in the movie (it is not called that on iTunes), cut, edited, and smashed the two together using Audacity again. The sequence took only a couple hours to put together for my show. I am willing to share my sequence and will start a new topic for it (do not request my version here). My audio is slightly different than the one here (additi
  3. The .ldc file seems to be a different animal than the dimming curves we discussed after your post. I only have one of these in the S5 release and it is called "LOR-Curve01.ldc" and is located in the Hardware subdirectory. I opened the one I have and both of yours and am guessing they are supposed to have 1024 values, with a range between 0 and 1023. The dimming curves discussed and as released in S5 have 256 values between 0 and 255 (for full 100% intensity) and are utilized and set in Preview. You can see how the other ranges are affected in the image I posted above. I am not familiar ho
  4. In S5 you create a prop, add a controller, or define additional channels on a controller via the preview. Once you have done that, then over on the list of channels find where you want to insert the new channels or controller and press your right mouse button. On that pop-up menu will be the option to "Insert preview props and groups" with a little arrow pointing right. It is that arrow that opens up a sub-menu where you select to add the item above or below the current item. Select which one you want and the an "Insert props and groups" pop-up will now be displayed where you select the it
  5. If no one answers before I get home from work, I will answer you tonight. It is really simple, I just do not have the specifics in front of me here. You will want to export the view when you get it where you want it, and then import that view on your other sequences to see it. You will get indications that the new prop/device/channels are being added as you bring up other sequences but will not see them until you apply the new view.
  6. I never updated my posts from above. I set my Pixies (4, 8 and 16) to "Pixel Curve 30" in the S5 prop definitions, and set the PIXCON16 to a max intensity of 30 via NP on those channels I am currently using. I also set all my outputs on my AC controllers to Linear 30 which makes the entire show reduced in intensity this year. I find that even at that level, the pixels are still too bright to video. I will now experiment with the intensity settings in a sequence to determine the lowest but brightest setting they can be at to get a good video (honestly I do not know what all of you do to vid
  7. James, I would like a copy sent to hasslerk@verizon.net I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share. Not sure if I will be swapping out "Mary Did You Know" in my show with this, but want the option. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hopefully that is soon! Otherwise, can you use a friend's computer for a couple hours?
  9. If you need help with that do not hesitate to ask. When you save the sequence in the editor, the audio is associated with it. The LOR HUB will take care of moving everything needed to the card; you do not have to take any separate actions. It will also allow you to set the show times.
  10. Creating the SD card is the easy part...mapping the "pre-canned" show on the SD card to your controllers and their IDs is the hard part. If you are unable to change your controller IDs (due to a dead computer) to match the SD card show configuration then the show will have to be programmed to match your specific needs, which is a burden on the SD card creator. Usually when you receive a shared sequence file via any means you would open the new sequence in the show editor, accepting the new preview with it, and then map it to the correct controllers in your display (I cut and paste to a new b
  11. Sorry, I thought I selected to follow this thread. Anyways I have had no issues updating firmware on any controller (AC or Pixies), and is pretty straight forward in HU. You do one box at a time, with only it being connected to your PC and HU. Agree on the "ain't broke" approach, but S5 made me dive in.
  12. I plotted the default LOR pixel curves (30, 40, 50 and 100) the other day. It helped me to see what is going on and how I may want to utilize the "Intensity" toolbar. I have now set all my Pixie devices to "Pixel Curve 30" as the default.
  13. I added an 8x50 matrix using a Pixie8 as well as a Pixcon16 running four channels for some new Boscoyo singing bulbs off my Aux A side (Network 2) of my G3-MP3 this Halloween with no issues. I will be adding to that network this weekend my leaping arches (Pixie4) and a new 16x50 Pixel tree using a Pixie16. I will update here when my testing is complete (good or bad). As for SD cards, there are opinions out here that brand matters. I have never had any problem that has traced back to the SD card, and I have some in my lineup that are just generic no names, although all are UHS-1/Class 10 (1
  14. Very fun! Can I please get a copy? Thanks. hasslerk@verizon.net
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