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  1. I bought my LED lights for my singing/non-singing HolidayCoro faces from Holiday Light Express, and they come in lengths of 35, 50, 70 and 100 bulb counts. And like JR, put my excess in a dark bag behind the prop.
  2. I have one motion effects row for each of my four arches, with each arch being 50 pixels. As @k6ccc suggests, just use Motion Effects to get the desired effect (in your case curtain). It makes it so much easier. Best thing to do is just go through all the effects and see what each one does overlayed on an arch. It may give you ideas for other effects to use in your show. Some of the effects are meant for "solids", like a matrix or a mega tree, so the arch will just likely display the outer edge of the effect. Some effects, like "text", will simply not work on arch.
  3. Welcome to the hobby! I had thoughts of sequencing the opening number for a couple years now, but given the type of music it is, without much repeating portions (like pop music), I just have not gotten past the mental block of taking all that time to do it. Good luck in your search. Also, others on this forum might know better, but I am surprised that a mini-director will handle all those pixels. I upgraded to the G3-MP3 director when I moved to pixels, running the Aux A at 500K, and this year upgrading to an N4-G4-MP3 (for more outputs which means more pixels).
  4. Welcome to LOR. Being a newcomer, you may not recognize that you need to provide an email address for me to send it to, as well as you need to state the disclaimer that you will not further share it with others or sell it, even if you make modifications to it.
  5. I am going to have to try this tonight. I have always wondered how to fade on/off a motion effect. To date I have only done it on solid colors (no motion) by doing a fade in a AC row and copying it to the motion row.
  6. The beauty of this hobby is that if you can visualize it, find a way to mount it, and can add lights, the possibilities are endless.
  7. I have also found that dialing in orange on one manufacturer's pixels will not work with the same settings on another manufacturers dumb LED strips. This is why I experiment in the off-season. And as many said above, your background matters.
  8. Make my own, using "RJ45" and crimper tool. Started on my 2nd 1000' spool last season. Had to fix a couple female jacks in some of my controllers this off-season to fix damage from pre-made booted connectors. I like @PhilMassey setup, and I seem to recall someone (maybe @dibblejr) uses the CAT5 bulkhead controller housing extension cable from HolidayCoro. After I had an ice storm collapse my Mega Tree last year, which caused my network jack to be pulled right off the board (thank god there were two jacks), these seem like good ideas.
  9. I 100% agree with @k6ccc...My shows run continuously with no gaps. At the end of the night it will likely start my static show by cutting off the executing show at the end of a song, but that is what you get for coming so late. :)
  10. @Got2go Can you PM me your email address to send the sequence to?
  11. @Got2go I apologize, I had a really busy weekend. Do you still need a test sequence or did you get it figured/tested out?
  12. Wow...time warp. My first DEC computer I worked on was a PDP-11 in the early 80s, before moving on to VAX 11/780s, and then VAX 9000s.
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