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  1. Dumb RGB light strings usually means all the lights on the string will be the same color (hence being "dumb"). Usually they are wired with 4 wires: 1 each for Red, Green and Blue, and a common. You use something like a LOR CMB24D to control what color you want the string of lights to be. RGB just means you can mix the red/green/blue to make any color you want the string to be.
  2. I did this with 4 of my Boscoyo singing bulbs; not HC. I originally bought them as incans (actually for LED from HLE) but after costing out the lights strings for the mouth movements, I found it was cheaper to make the leap to Pixels, and I could do so much more with them. So I drilled them out, twice. Once for the bulb side and once for the pixel base side (bullet types). Being the perfectionist that I am, I was not happy with all the drill holes, but I convinced myself that from 100 feet away, at night, no one would notice. As you can see in my videos (signature block) those in particul
  3. Phew! My mind is not as as lost as I think sometimes. As for HC stuff, yes that is true. For those I made my own (poorly) years ago. I keep thinking I should re-do them, but then again it is just for preview.
  4. I do this all the time using my Director (G3-MP3). I have three "shows". An early morning one that just turns on the traditional lights on the shrubs from like 5am to 8am using an animation file. The main show that runs from 5pm until 9 or 10pm with all the show songs and all the lights. Then a post-show show that has all the lights on and some subtle animations on the RGB props until 11pm. You have to pay attention when selecting your sequences and writing your shows to the SD card, making sure you properly set start and stop times, but it is very do-able. Since I change the stop time o
  5. I have the HolidayCoro singing 4' Pumpkin and 4' Christmas tree that I use in my setups, as well as 4 small singing Christmas trees and 6 Boscoyo standing RGB bulbs. I am not at home to double check, but I believe I downloaded the Boscoyo pixel bulb configuration via the prop definition/controller setup in LOR (S5). I know I did NOT configure it myself. I will double check how I downloaded the definition tonight.
  6. I was having items removed from my cart within minutes of the start, being marked no longer available. I lost out on Pixie8s and 16s, and easy light linkers because of the PayPal issue. My first checkout attempt was probably 90 seconds after the start. :(
  7. I also tried a good 30+ times to use my credit card, getting the same error about communicating w/Paypal. I watched as item after item was removed from my cart because it said they were no longer available and I could not get checkout to complete. With one item left in my cart, I tried using my PayPal account instead of my credit card and it worked. So I got one item (an N4-G4-MP3 director). Disappointed in Leesburg. Next year straight to PayPal.
  8. I keep getting There is problem in communicating with PayPal. Please try again later.
  9. Noticed the same behavior right away upon first use of 5.6.0 and recognized it was likely due to the processing required to generate the spectrogram. But I like the feature so it is what it is. Thanks for the input on how to make it faster if not used in a given sequence. Question: Why does the spectrogram have to be generated every time? If the audio file is not changing can't the spectrogram be saved in some way, maybe outside the .loredit file?
  10. Never knew of this feature (LOR shared favorites)...will have to check it out. And love the new waveform in 5.6 ME.
  11. I did not get the email. :( I checked my inbox, spam and trash folders. Nothing. Do they not like Verizon or vice-versa? I just went out and signed up to be on the mailing list yet again. Maybe this time it will work.
  12. The 5mm SuperSpark strobe lights at Christmas Light Emporium are amazing. I saw some for the first time at another show (@monstermike) this past Christmas and ordered a bunch for myself. I will be removing my old traditional C9 strobe lights. https://thechristmaslightemporium.com/collections/5mm-strobe-light-strands Of course if you use pixels, your can strobe those as well (twinkle).
  13. I went and read the director documentation. :) When using LOR HUB to write your show to an SD card, one of the prompts is if it is multiple director. If it is, it WILL create multiple SD cards. What is not clear in the documentation, and based on what Jim mentions above, is that the creation software is smart enough to know what network is on what director and "may" just write those commands to that SD card. This would mean you really really want to label your SD cards so that you put the right one in the correct director. I wonder if audio is available for broadcast at each director?
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