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  1. I just found out Holiday light express is only 25 miles from my house. Vicksburg MI
  2. Do you have any behind the scenes videos of what it take to coordinate that?
  3. I don't want it to go that far, It could be a problem. But there isn't an adjustment on it. Just High and low. But if I had to choose between too little or too much broadcasting signal I'm gonna take too much. It's a very powerful antenna and easy to use for what I paid for it a few years ago which was 50.00
  4. Its a Sainsonic AX-7c It doesn't have an adjustment knob, just Hi output mode and low. Low mode doesn't reach the sidewalk. https://www.sainsonic.com/products/sainsonic-ax-7c-fcc-tnc-amplifier-black
  5. I had to set up my display different this year. Before my FM transmitter was in a basement and had pretty good range. This year it's outside and on a roof. I am reaching out over 1.5 miles this year. If there's gonna be trouble Ill let you know. I don't know how to adjust the settings for lower signal strength.
  6. Rain and wind have put me behind. I try and have my show at 100% by Dec 1st, and this year I thought I was going to be ahead of the game with Thanksgiving being early. Now it looks like a rush just to get it up.
  7. Man, I love this place. Such helpful people here. Without this place and Youtube I would clueless (even more than I am)
  8. Thanks for all that info, I still don't get it. I guess I'll have to drive to Orlando and check it out. I can't wait to see what you do next.
  9. Are you serious? This is your first year? It's freeking amazing. I don't think I can do that in 10 years! Tell me about your display. How many channels, what controllers are you using, what kind of lights and where you purchased from. Thanks.
  10. So as of today I have everything I need to start playing around with my CMB24d, Dumb strips (8) and a power supply. I have full intentions not to use RGB this year, I just want to test and see how easy to use and how much of a nightmare programming it will be. Right now I'm right in the middle of getting my Christmas show up and going. But once it is going I will start RGB play time. One question I never thought of until I opened my Dumb strips today was, can I hook up more than 1 16 ft section together. I see on the strips that there is a male on one end and a female on the other end so it looks like I can add a few together. So if I can what is the max I can hook together?
  11. I have nothing to add to help you because I just ordered my first CMB24D to experiment with, but it amazes me how much is spent on this hobby when I hear things like you "use a lot " of CMB24d''s in your light show. They aren't cheap.
  12. I just purchased my first CMB24D( I don't even have it in my hands yet) if you could include a picture of what grounded where that would be awesome. I purchased an enclosure and I don't know how to mount one the right way. I good picture of how the PS is connected to the board would be great too. Thanks, Jeff
  13. I am going to throw out some questions , answer them if you can. Will I have to run my setup like this picture below, meaning pixel controller in front of my Lor controller. I assumed I would have to go Lor controller then to the Pixel controller because that's how my sequences are programmed. 2. If I go with a Sans pixel controller does that still work with LoR software? 3. What programs will I have to use to create sequences using Pixels or RGB strips, and what version will I need to run the programs. 4. I use a Gen 3 MP3 mini director to run my show, is that still going to be possible?
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