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  1. Thanks. I really like the Canadian Anthem.
  2. For all the Canadian lighting people, do any of you do a show for Canada Day? Any ideas on songs? If you have any videos, please share.
  3. I have the LOR sold Whole House 3.0. I use it for my Christmas display as well as for a Church parking lot service with great success. For my light display, I can still hear the music well past the sight lines of my display.
  4. I just saw a post on the Facebook group "light O Rama users" that featured a post of Dan Baldwin's 2005 Christmas display featuring his Chime O Matic. It was so fantastic, and guess what? I now want to make one. This brings me to the question is can I use all 24 of the outputs on the CMD24D separately? What I am kind of envisioning at this point is having small solenoids moving mallets which will in turn strike my chime tubes. What I would like to do is connect 1 solenoid between channel 1 positive and the "red", followed by a second solenoid between Channel 1 positive and "blue" and so on, being mind full of the current limitation of the chips/board. Does this sound feasible or does anyone have other/better ideas? Thanks.
  5. Hi James, I would be so pleased to also get a copy of this also. I have watched this video at least a dozen times already. So very well done. You guys need to be proud. ggurtler@sasktel.net I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share. This will be so appreciated.
  6. That outdoor UV rated cable looks very similar to what I used. When I was taking things down, I found the cable very stiff from the cold. I actually had to bring the cables into the ouse to warm up before I could coil them for storage. I like your idea with the keystone jacks. I went with the LOR weather proof dangles coming out of my controllers. I guess one benefit to them is if you break off the locking tab on the male RJ45 plug, the dangle will still hold the rj45 into the jack.
  7. Hi folks. Just completed my first year of LOR controlled Christmas lights. I think it was a good success although it turned out being scaled back to a heavy early snow storm. As I start my tear down, I am realizing that the Cat5 data cables are not fun to work with in cold weather. Today was only -15C and the cables were stiff and the locking clips very easy to break. Have any of you found 5e cable and RJ45 ends that work better in the cold? I could easily be doing tear downs at -30 or -40C? I generally make my own cables but open to bulk or pre made.
  8. I was actually referring to hooking them up to the controllers. Never even thought about watching the preview. I guess I like the real lights better.
  9. I just transferred my sequences and music files over to my new show computer. After starting the sequence, I got a message that the audio file could not be found. A quick change of the audio path, and I then get a message about audio and sequence are different lengths, Do I want to change sequence to match audio? Do I select yes or no. I would try the "new" sequence but my new show computer currently does not have access to my cat5 cable going outside. Thanks in advance.
  10. Would you happen to have a little drummer boy where the drum sticks could be animated? I am looking for something in the three to four foot range.
  11. I am not sure if you noticed my post with my email address or if I was having more email issues, but if you have time to send/resend it would be so appreciated. Thanks again. Email is ggurtler@sasktel.net
  12. If I could please get a copy of your S5 128 channel version, I would be so grateful. This is my favorite song.
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