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  1. For Sale quantity 2 -- Light-O-Rama CCPixel 100 pixel set with controller Each controller has two 50 pixel strings. $160 each or $300 Cad for both + shipping and Paypal fees. Both sets used one year, purchased in 2015. Location is Brampton Ontario. I'll ship within Canada for actual shipping costs via Post Office ground, or local pickup. Doug C. Link to posting with picture http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/topic/58930-lor-ccp100-for-sale-in-canada/#comment-646431
  2. To original poster, on Planet Christmas forum someone in BC has posted some controllers. Doug
  3. All controllers have been sold. Doug C
  4. Location is Brampton Ontario. Aim for local pickup, too difficult to ship to USA due to customs and shipping in Canada may also be expensive due to weight of power cords All Lan connectors work, CTB 16’s in Ritetime weather proof boxes, CTB8s in Tupperware style container I have 4 CTB16D's (1-v3 green, 3-v5 blue) for sale at $100CAN each 5 CTB8 $40CAN each , All have been used for 7-9 years, all work. Will be going to Christmas Expo in Chicago, and could transport them there and save you the shipping, would require a deposit to hold them.
  5. I see it also, although not every day after clearing the log. This year running 3.12.2, but saw it last year also and I believe that was 3.9.? Doug
  6. Hi Jerry , Missed this in the summer but that is a great, Could I get a copy? dchambers@primus.ca Doug
  7. That is great, How many Stands of Pixels strings are you using? Doug
  8. Thank you Jeff and Bob, Bob nailed it and it works exactly the way he explained and is what I was expecting, I don't know why I didn't read the manual it was explained there to. Great support from LOR and the users, Jeff I understand what you where suggesting and I would have been able to write the dos code to doit, but Bob's idea is much easier, and I will take the easy way. Thanks Doug C.
  9. I need to figure how to have one trigger fire the whole show once and kept it running. I have a trigger and can fire an animation sequence and it runs once. ideally I think what I want is a trigger in a startup sequence but hta is not where they can be configured. So does anyone have a suggestion on how for the first night and the grand children, they can press a button and fire the complete show? This is a one time event for the first night , like turning a big switch. I really want this to happen for the young ones who will remember this for ever. Thanks for any ideas. Doug C.
  10. Hi Dan The machine I have used for 5 years now is a pII 450 with 192mb memory. I upgraded just in January to 2.1.6 to start using it. I reinstalled on a p4 3ghz and it works as you describe, immediate response to the trigger. So I guess the older machine will be replaced, although it would be curious to know what the minimum specs would be. Thanks Doug C.
  11. The connection speed is set to regular, the middle setting. But to clarify after more testing, the Magic Toy works properly, I had set triggers in Options as well as in the interactive sequence. Where I see the delay or random start is if i put one sequence in animation and use the options to wait for the trigger, sometimes the sequence starts in 3-5 seconds, sometimes longer and sometimes at random point in the sequence. Thanks Doug C.
  12. Is any one using the triggers now available in version II. I have 2.1.6 and updated the controller to ver4.3 on a 16ctd. I created a simple one minute sequence ,all 16 channels do the same thing basically on off and ramps. I created a show and set a magic toy trigger in the interactive section. When I press the switch the show will trigger but it takes 3-5 sections for the first event (lights on) which is the first part of the sequence. Is this delay normal for triggers? Thanks Doug C.
  13. Has there been a firmware chip upgrade for the old CTB08 cards, that will allow them to better handle LED lights when fading up or down. Thanks Doug C.
  14. I have searched and cannot find out if this has been implemented in Ver 2. Can the Pause function be implemented and wait for input from a switch to continue with the show? It was described in LOR I but never implemented and was described in the docs for LOR II?.
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