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  1. I would like a copy as well please! Thanks dakotahwelch@msn.com
  2. Stephan, I purchased S5 pro so I should be good. I would love to have those sequences please!!!! Thanks dakotahwelch@msn.com
  3. James has always been incredibly helpful!!! Thanks James!
  4. Hey James, as usual you are awesome. When you have a moment can you send a copy my way please. Thanks!! dakotahwelch@msn.com
  5. Hello everyone! Running way behind on my show. I have all sequences completed but really need with pixel tree sequences for my mega tree. I have a 16 strand alpha pix smart pixel. Here are pixel tree sequences that I need: Rocking Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee A Mad Russian Christmas - TSO Boughs of Holly - TSO Cannon Rock - TSO Nut Rocker - TSO Holly Jolly Christmas - Burt Ives Light of Christmas - Owl City Frosty the Snowman Oh What a Glorious Night - Sidewalk Prophets Thank you guys very much!!!! dakotahwelch@msn.com
  6. Hey James could I get a copy please? Thanks again as always! dakotahwelch@msn.com
  7. Old Sarge, As always I appreciate your work! Can I get a copy of this with the singing faces? dakotahwelch@msn.com Thanks!!!!!
  8. Hello everyone, I have a final request. My wife has a song that she would like in our show. The song is Unto Us by Aaron Shust. I know its a little late but it would be great to add to our collection. Thanks!!!!!!!
  9. Thank James!!!! Looks great cannot wait to use it. I really appreciate it!
  10. Sarge, As always you rock! I would love to start with this. Could I get a copy as well please? dakotahwelch@gmail.com Thanks!!!!! -Dakota
  11. James I think my email rejected your last email to me. Could you resend to me other email please! - dakotahwelch@gmail.com Thanks again!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks Bill!!! This is why I love this forum. Everyone here has been extremely helpful.
  13. Bill P Can you resubmit please to my other email address dakotahwelch@gmail.com For some reason it might have blocked your other email Thanks!!!
  14. Hello everyone! I recently finished my holiday coro singing snowman and I am looking for singing faces please. Really any face you can share I would greatly apprecite very much! Right now I am looking the Holly Jolly by Burt Ives, Christmas Canon by TSO, and finally I heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Casting Crowns. I know can purchase these songs on ebay but I spent a lot of money on this snowman which depleted my christmas funds pretty quick. Very excited to start a using singing face this year. Thanks!!!!!! dakotahwelch@msn.com
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