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  1. I can get all of my sequences to run in the sequence editor fine. Controllers respond fine as does the alphapix 16 for the CCRs. I close the sequence editor and open the control panel, which gives me a red light bulb in the task bar. When I right click on the red light bulb, and attempt to click on enable schedule, I get an error stating: "Show cannot be enabled because the comm port is already open. If the light o rama Hardware utility is running, shut it down and then enable shows." I do not have the hardware utility open nor do I have the sequence editor open. Any help would be
  2. Drew (holidaytechnologies.com) converted my AL controllers to work with the Light o Rama software. He was fast, efficient, and his customer service is incredible. My controllers now work properly with my Light o Rama software and I couldn't be happier in the LOR world. I would highly recommend him for this service if you have AL controllers to convert to LOR. Thanks Drew for all your help.
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