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  1. I would surely hope that lor has a link to get the music somewhere or else they need to take this purchase down. I'm bummed because my kids were super excited about this one as was I. Any help would be great.
  2. Sugar Plum Fairy Remix-The Grove Gallery??? Just bought this sequence at LOR and cant find the music for it anywhere. Looked on amazon, itunes and google music as well as I did a search. Need help please. Would love to have this in the show tonight. Thanks. Jason
  3. I have a 10 second delay on a seq of mine and I'm trying to cut out the first 10 seconds of the whole seq (Includes audio). I'm sure there is a way and I'm missing it somehow. Any help would be great!! Thanks. Jason
  4. Hey James could you send that my way as well? jbrownup@gmail.com. Also do you have by chance Red Barron from snoopy? Thanks!!
  5. Even though the thread was derailed, it was funny. Thanks guys!! LOL
  6. Looking for a link or anyone to email any bumpers you might have. Thanks! JBrownup@gmail.com.
  7. My baby girl wants it, and I'm wondering if anyone has a sequence for it. Thanks!! I'll take whatever and work with it. JBrownup@gmail.com.
  8. Looking for any and all sequences for an 8 channel mega tree. Thanks in advance. JBrownup@gmail.com
  9. Please throw me in there as well. Thanks Jbrownup@gmail.com
  10. Whats your email and I will send what I have found.
  11. First and foremost, thanks for sharing. I am having a problem matching the length of the song with the sequence though. Sequence is stopping before the song ends. Any help would be great. Thanks again.
  12. curiosity is killing me, could you send please. Thanks jbrownup@gmail.com
  13. I would like a copy please. Thanks. jbrownup@gmail.com
  14. Would love a copy as well. Thanks. Jason Jbrownup@gmail.com
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