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  1. ...you know, after posting this I had a feeling I had asked this question in the past: Four years ago you replied and answered my question then. You sir, are the man! Sorry I didn't check first.
  2. I am using Sequence Editor v4.4.4 When I play the sequence using the play range for visible screen, my audio file doesn't appear to sync with the location within the sequence that I am editing. When playing the full sequence range, there are no sync issue while editing or communicating with the controllers. This is a bit of a hassle because I am forced to play the full range when making edits - which becomes time consuming. Am I missing a setting or doing something wrong? Thanks.
  3. I am wondering if there is a parts list with diagram available online for controllers. I have a spare controller that I have been parting out and now I need it and need to replace some of the parts I removed for use in another controller. Is there somewhere online I can find an exploded diagram with the controllers and part number for each part? Additionally, once I have those part numbers, can I purchase the components individually? Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the help. It is a Pro license. I am good now. It was the RJ-45 Jack on my controller. I replaced the controller with a spare I have and am up and running. I will take a look at the Jack this evening and see if I can fix it...would love to add another controller next year.
  5. I believe basic. I think I found the problem. Controller two wasn't sending a signal to three. Thankfully, I have an extra controller and swapped two. Now all four are found. Testing to continue.
  6. Version for HU is 4.3.14. that what you're looking for?
  7. Hi. I have four LOR 16 channel controllers. The first is connected wirelessly to my CPU, then second connected to controller one via cat5, and three is connected to two via cat5, four connected to three via cat5. HU can find controllers one and two, but cannot find three and four. Status lights in three and four are blinking. Any suggestions? First year using three and four, successful with one and two last year. Thanks! J
  8. I will post equipment when I get back tonight. I am able to control the controllers and lights utilizing the hardware utility with no problems. I think the controller(s) may have issues, specifically because of your first statement. On several occasions, after an error had occurred I disabled shows and had to open the hardware utility to turn off some (or all) lights. I had no problems last year using an all-on sequence with the exact same set-up. This year, I changed where the lights are on my house, added lights, and removed lights. I opened the all-on sequence from last year in th
  9. I didn't try swapping out Cat5 or connecting directly to CPU because I am able to control the lights no problem through hardware utility.
  10. Update Time varies but typically happens at the loop. Controller A and B both randomly turn off, typically controller B. In some instances both turn off. I've removed the shutdown sequence from the show...no progress. Something isn't right. Please, someone help!!
  11. Some additional information - I am able to turn all lights on for each controller using the hardware utility. I am using a set-up that I made last year to turn on all lights. I tried making a new sequence with my new set-up (only difference is channel names in sequence editor) and I couldn't get it the lights to come on. The status says the shows are enabled and that the sequence/show is being played - but no lights come on. When I revert to the all-on sequence I made last year, the show plays but like I said above, one controller seems to turn off after some time. I have not tried
  12. Hi! I am running two controllers, 16 channels each. I have one controller (let's say controller A) connected to the other (controller B ) via Ethernet cable, and the other (controller B ) connected to the wireless transmitter. I have LOR on my CPU and can find both controller, and control them, from hardware utility. I have a animation that is all channels on for 1 min with a loop. Show editor has my all on sequence as animation, and shutdown sequence (all off) on shutdown. My schedule editor has the show, Sun-Sat 4:45pm to 9:30pm (still working on musical sequences and not ready so just a
  13. Are you running RT? I see there is a driver for the 485 for RT but wasn't sure I could add any of the LOR programs onto my Surface.
  14. I was able to get everything communicating and running properly. The culprit was the Cat5 going back to the computer. Thanks for the help!
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