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  1. Hey there guys, Starting earlier this year so that maybe I wont get Shingles from the decoration stress as last year......... Thinking about adding a CCR 2d frame/tree this year but before I buy the CCRs. Does anybody sell the frame for this? Would like to avoid building it myself if possible.
  2. Dont want to deal with foggers (too windy here). Read the post on starwars, pretty darn cool video also but dont think he says anywhere what he is using does he?
  3. DevMike - Will get it over. BTW you guys might be the best company I have ever dealt with. Truly we need more companies like yours (in other indusrties ofcourse ). This type of service is what makes customers for life. C
  4. ahh that sucks. I thought there was stronger beams on the market that would show up. Maybe too expensive/highend? C
  5. It was hanging against a brick wall. Thanks for info guys.
  6. Guys, Do you know if LOR offer any warranty/protection on their units? Been trouble shooting why 2 of my lights didnt work most of Christmas and when I took the show down today I saw this in one of my five boxes?
  7. Hey guys Started to plan for next year show...... I am looking to add 4 moving head beams on my roof that would create a visible beam of light and is weather proof and that can be controlled by LOR. Does not have to reach very far up in the sky but needs to create a visible beam. Any recommendations? C
  8. Actually one more question. Does anybody know how much Amps the 50W flood pulls? How many can you put on one circuit? C
  9. One more question. you would think there are some form of adjustable window frames to buy for this purpose? Anybody have any recommendations (first year and a bit over committed ) BTW cant find the above in search, I might be screwing it up though C
  10. Thanks. One clarifying question. Do you actually convert the three channels to RGB or use three separate controller channel to act as RGB? Thanks again for help CW
  11. Cant get this working. So if I setup 5 channels, should I literally combined the first three channels to RGB so that I have one RGB channel and 2 standard channels (Need to figure out how to do this)? Then assign all channels to the same controller ID and circuit?
  12. Evening, I know this has probably been discussed too many times on this forum but really need some help. Any advice how to get LOR RGB strips around corners of windows when you are very worried about soldering (will not end well). Any recommendations? C
  13. thanks trying this tomorrow to see if I can get them running
  14. Hi guys, What device do I use for the LOR 50 W lights in the sequence editor. Cant seem to find RGB 50W flood as a selectable device. C
  15. Ouch for 9 tree's in three colors that will be a pretty sum C
  16. Guys, Trying to plan for building 9 mini trees next week and ordering associated lights from CDI. How many mini/5mm do you think I should plan for per color (doing three colors) for a 42 inch mini tree. C
  17. I ordered 3 should hopefully cover the majority of my house.
  18. Any thoughts on if there are longer extension cords to be bought somewhere?
  19. Anybody used the 50W and know if they are worth it compared to 10W or other high powered floods?
  20. I think I have enough on my plate for my first Christmas with 64 channels + a CMB.... dont think I can take on making my own cords . Anywhere you can buy longer ones? Or can you connect multiple 10' together?
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