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  1. Sorry! I contacted the help desk and they said to save your sequence in sequence editor with a saved name that you could easily see like madrussianchristmashopethis works - then go into pixel editor and make sure you are picking the right sequence to put your intensity file in. Save intensity file and it should show up in SE.
  2. Not sure what might be happening but does the new computer have same windows program as your old one?
  3. No problem! For the adaptors I run my show off of an SD card through a GP3 director but when I am checking the lights out to test from computer I run one adapter into the computer that connects to my 16 channel controller. I believe you can then daisy chain to pixie tree controller. Make sure your network config as reg and aux networks on your ports so you don’t have them both on the same network.
  4. Yes I did get it to work but you have to view everything in the sequence editor. When you are done with the pixie tree in pixel editor did you save as intensity file? Also make sure your network is set to aux in pixel editor as you can’t have same network for regular light and pixie tree. When you save file as intensity in pixel editor you will then open up sequence editor and should be able to open up your song with your regular network showing as usual and if you scroll down all the way it should also list the prop for pixie channel as well. If you need to edit you can edit in sequence
  5. Hello, I had originally posted this in the pixel editor and think this might be a better question to ask here. I completed my sequence editor and pixel editor with my songs and saved to intensity files. When I try and build the show through the Hardware Utility I start to create the show and I choose the GP3 director and select 2 ports. When it goes through the process it has port 1 regular network and allows me to make changes if I need to (I leave it alone with 56.7 k speed). As I click next it says card is ready to be made but it shows port 2 as none and it doesn’t give me any option
  6. Hi Matt! Sorry it took so long to reply as we had a later thanksgiving! So I am in the HU and creating the show - when I select the number of ports as I have the Gen 3 director I select 2 ports but it doesn’t give me an option to change port 2 to be enhanced with 500k speed. Is there a place I can change this? It allows me to make changes to port 1 which I kept at the recommended speed. When I hit the next button it says SD card is ready to be created and doesn’t give options for port 2 settings. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and help,
  7. Hello I have completed my sequences in sequence editor and pixel editor. Saved the appropriate files. I put the show on SD card and try to play it but the pixie tree doesnt light up. When I unhook and connect just the pixie tree controller to hardware utility it finds the id (unit 7) and when I test the lights they work. What am I doing wrong? I have 2 LOR controllers and the LOR pixie tree controller. The pixie tree is new this year. The rest of my lights work. I tried to autoconfigure the port and it is doesnt allow it. Only choice is comm3 (which my regular network is on) or none.
  8. Thank you so it was outdated drivers!! I now have the preview with my prop so when I am done with putting effects to songs I will probsbly have to email again to incorporate it into my current show. Thank you again!!
  9. I have watched the pixel editor tutorials as well as read the pdf and can’t seem to get the pixel editor to work. I am new to this and don’t understand. If I already have sequences set up from previous years in the sequence editor - can I just import them into the pixel editor after I set up my one prop (LOR pixie tree 16x25)? I had gone through the tutorial and set up my prop for Christmas 2018 then from the instructions:  To add the Pixel Tree to an existing sequence, simply select File > Open from the Pixel Editor's main menu; then select the LOR sequence file (files with a
  10. Hello this is a dumb question no pun intended but are these pixie8d cosmic color pixie dumb or smart pixels? Thank you!!!!
  11. Ok thank you I had read on a related thread that the white pixel have a reflective quality which can add to the lighting experience?
  12. Hello trying to expand my current setup and wanted to know how the black differs from the white for pixel tree? Besides the color of the wire what advantages does one have over other? Are they both the same setup for running a program? Any help greatly appreciated!!
  13. Thanks Brian it did work. Thanks for all your advice have a great day!!
  14. So I exported the file and then edited the time in the sequence editor and when I placed my show it still ran the full length of the music instead of the 11 sec total that I cut it down too. I then downloaded and trimmed the song with audacity and placed it in super star sequencer and when I try to export it to sequence editor as a stand alone CCR show for the 11 seconds as our welcome message the error I get back is "invalid end centisecond for last replacement event: 1200; channel is 1054 centiseconds". Help??!!!
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