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  1. I have decided to go with a “small town Main Street” theme after coming up with an idea for street lamps. I love how they turned out, but now I feel like I’m lost for the rest of the design. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I almost want it to be something to walk through although my yard is small.. thanks Roberta im trying to attach a picture but too big I guess
  2. I know that this should be a simple command, but I have never done it before. I would like to have all of my lights on from 430 until my show starts at 5:30. My show will run until 930. Then I would like all of my lights on static again until about midnight. How do I do this?
  3. Well, in my defense, I have never used the foreground effect button for anything. I actually just slid my toolbar over and found it.. so I didn't exactly know what I was looking for:) I'll keep practicing so I can get up to speed!!!! Thanks again...and you're welcome for the laugh:)
  4. I am so thankful to you!!!! You have again saved my hair!!!! That took about 30 seconds. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
  5. Understood... I know there "should" be a simple way, just haven't found the magic combination yet... thanks... if I manage to figure out any new and exciting tricks, I will be sure to share..
  6. Hello, I have 2 16 channel controllers and what I am trying to do is continue the beat pattern with the lights, but fade out as the song does. Is there a way to do this, easily? My brain says there should be a way to select the final 10 seconds of the sequence and fade all channels at the same time while keeping my timings as they are??? Ive tried a number of things, but nothing seems to be right. I am guessing I am missing something obvious like usual, but I have never tried to do this specific effect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Roberta
  7. I would love a copy:) roberta.j.rieger@gmail.com thank you
  8. I would love a copy of any you are willing to share. I sequenced Light Em Up and my timings are a bit off and I cant quite get them right. Either PM me on the forum or Roberta.j.rieger@gmail.com thanks
  9. I am not sure if this is the right spot for this post, but... I talked to the help desk today and Because it has been longer than 6 months, I am not able to return a couple of things I am not using.. 2 cmb24 2 power supply's Both of these things were purchased from LOR, are NIB, and have not been used... I would like to sell them. I moved and my original intent got squashed by a smaller yard... Make me a reasonable offer and I will ship them to you. If this is not the right spot for this post, please move it for Me. Thanks
  10. Gosh I hope that will work... Freaking out a little...I will keep you posted.. Thanks for the suggestions:)
  11. Oh No!!!!! Now I really screwed up. I found the original file folder, but then I renamed it so I could find it more easily... Now when I go to SSB, there is nothing... I don't want to do anything more for fear of screwing things up more than they already are.. HELP!!!!!! I am not sure if I can just rename the file? I am truly not that computer savvy. I just thought that placing it on my desktop so I knew exactly where to store my files for the shows would be my easiest option. I guess not..... Please help Thanks
  12. I hope files that I have been working on that work fine when I test them with my controllers. However, when I go to set up a show in the simple show builder, The files do not come up as options to me. I have tried to re-save in different locations. Is there a reason or is there something I am missing? Thanks:) R
  13. I agree, but when you do not have time to wait for shipping, you do what you have to.
  14. I have never been so excited to find wire in Menards. It makes perfect sense now, but I would have never thought to look in the lighting department. And, it was $42 for 250 feet. So much for $.79 a foot... Thanks Roberta
  15. Thanks! I talked to Ace and its $0.79/ft... Which is ridiculous.. I guess if it comes down to it, I will have to buy it.. But I had never thought to look in the lighting section.. Always went for the wiring section.... The search continues....
  16. Anybody know of a retailer that carries this? Big box store type? I checked the local Home Depot and no luck. Thanks R
  17. I know this might be a strange request, but does anyone have sequencing for limbo rock? My children absolutely love that song and I know it is last minute. So I don't have time to put something together. I would gladly pay for it considering the timing with everything and the holiday coming up. The rest of my show is done for the most part. I can never ever see done. Because it always seems like I am making small changes here and there. I appreciate your time. I know it is very busy for everyone right now. Thanks
  18. Thanks everyone..I appreciate all of your suggestions... Now, if I hadn't run out of spt 1, I would be fully operational tonight... I'm a little behind the rest of you all...
  19. Full disclosure, I have been using my cell phone to upload videos to YouTube. I know that there is a way to take a video and then add sound to it. (or maybe there is an easier way?) I would like to figure out how to do this. I do have a video camera. I am just trying to eliminate the extra noise from being outside. With cars going by etc. Thanks as always R
  20. Very nice! I'm still trying to make less "crude" videos... I haven't figured it out... Good for you..
  21. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BgJikgkmrvM Apparently I was going about this all wrong considering my op did not even post... The original post read "thanks to Clearwaterlightsmn.org for this video" my question is in this video, the trees up front seem to be lit with white LEDs and sequenced separately and then rgb floods added to change color?? Is this accurate? Can someone confirm that this is what I'm seeing? I know it is too late to make these changes this year, but always planning for the future.. I currently have white trees that have separate rgb dumb strips... This seems like a simpler
  22. I was thinking I could just buy a really gigantic terrarium and set it up around my house. Or invent a clear dome that would keep all of the weather out. It would be like I lived in a giant snow globe!!!! That is my "serious" response to that.... LOL.... And for your information, I don't know where you live, but 40 is not bitterly cold. 40 below, maybe:)
  23. Last night, it was 31° outside and raining this slushy type of rain. I started looking at some of the LED light strings and they were picking up a coating of ice. Also, some of my wooden decorations and cord connections appear to be affected as well. I know you can't fight mother nature, but is there any way to prevent shorts and ice build up? I think if it would have frozen hard last night, I would've been totally screwed. Thanks R
  24. Boys, boys..... Am I going to have to separate you?? Lol!! We're all friends here. Everyone has their own ways and that is why these forums are so wonderful.. Something that may work for one of us might not work for others and vice versa.. It doesn't mean that other ways are wrong. I often feel that being female puts me behind the curve on many of these things from the get go.. All of our backgrounds are different and we each have different strengths.. I keep looking to all of you for help and I have made it work for me time after time.. Thanks
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