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  1. I have decided to go with a “small town Main Street” theme after coming up with an idea for street lamps. I love how they turned out, but now I feel like I’m lost for the rest of the design. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I almost want it to be something to walk through although my yard is small.. thanks Roberta im trying to attach a picture but too big I guess
  2. I know that this should be a simple command, but I have never done it before. I would like to have all of my lights on from 430 until my show starts at 5:30. My show will run until 930. Then I would like all of my lights on static again until about midnight. How do I do this?
  3. Well, in my defense, I have never used the foreground effect button for anything. I actually just slid my toolbar over and found it.. so I didn't exactly know what I was looking for:) I'll keep practicing so I can get up to speed!!!! Thanks again...and you're welcome for the laugh:)
  4. I am so thankful to you!!!! You have again saved my hair!!!! That took about 30 seconds. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
  5. Understood... I know there "should" be a simple way, just haven't found the magic combination yet... thanks... if I manage to figure out any new and exciting tricks, I will be sure to share..
  6. Hello, I have 2 16 channel controllers and what I am trying to do is continue the beat pattern with the lights, but fade out as the song does. Is there a way to do this, easily? My brain says there should be a way to select the final 10 seconds of the sequence and fade all channels at the same time while keeping my timings as they are??? Ive tried a number of things, but nothing seems to be right. I am guessing I am missing something obvious like usual, but I have never tried to do this specific effect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Roberta
  7. I would love a copy:) roberta.j.rieger@gmail.com thank you
  8. I would love a copy of any you are willing to share. I sequenced Light Em Up and my timings are a bit off and I cant quite get them right. Either PM me on the forum or Roberta.j.rieger@gmail.com thanks
  9. I am not sure if this is the right spot for this post, but... I talked to the help desk today and Because it has been longer than 6 months, I am not able to return a couple of things I am not using.. 2 cmb24 2 power supply's Both of these things were purchased from LOR, are NIB, and have not been used... I would like to sell them. I moved and my original intent got squashed by a smaller yard... Make me a reasonable offer and I will ship them to you. If this is not the right spot for this post, please move it for Me. Thanks
  10. Gosh I hope that will work... Freaking out a little...I will keep you posted.. Thanks for the suggestions:)
  11. Oh No!!!!! Now I really screwed up. I found the original file folder, but then I renamed it so I could find it more easily... Now when I go to SSB, there is nothing... I don't want to do anything more for fear of screwing things up more than they already are.. HELP!!!!!! I am not sure if I can just rename the file? I am truly not that computer savvy. I just thought that placing it on my desktop so I knew exactly where to store my files for the shows would be my easiest option. I guess not..... Please help Thanks
  12. I hope files that I have been working on that work fine when I test them with my controllers. However, when I go to set up a show in the simple show builder, The files do not come up as options to me. I have tried to re-save in different locations. Is there a reason or is there something I am missing? Thanks:) R
  13. I agree, but when you do not have time to wait for shipping, you do what you have to.
  14. I have never been so excited to find wire in Menards. It makes perfect sense now, but I would have never thought to look in the lighting department. And, it was $42 for 250 feet. So much for $.79 a foot... Thanks Roberta
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