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  1. Email me. or send me a note through here. I did it last year.
  2. That's a really hard song to sequence as it doesn't have too many real changing points. You could have something moving while he was singing with some suttle background light changes but, nothing too dramatic. How soon would you need it?
  3. That's funny! Glad Lester had a good ride. Thank you all for a wonderful event. It was a great event for me to attend for the first time and I look forward to returning. You should have seen the border guards face when I told him I was returning from a "Christmas Conference" I got the second look!!! I think next time I'll just tell him I was away on holidays from the kids!!!! Thanks again Bill and Nancy. Such amazing hosts and such an amazing venue!!!
  4. Nice! Now if I could Just convince my buddy to do that at his house! I've been trying for the last few years to convert his Candycanes to that but, he hasn't bit yet!!!! Maybe this year!
  5. Well I'm bringing a couple of inflatables that I don't want anymore and my 16 foot train that needs a little work but, Maybe somebody may want to repurpose it. I may bring a few other things too but, not sure how much room i'll have coming down.
  6. YAY! I'm so excited! We booked our hotel on monday!!!
  7. Can't wait, anybody need any swag or stuff from Canada? Coming this way, I know (Wirekat) Kevin, likes the Scottish chews, so I'll have to remember to bring some down. Anything else????? See you guys in MAY!!!
  8. Wow, that would nerve me out! But very very cool. I remember when I went whale watching this past year and we blessed with about 80 whales that were popping up here and there! Not as cool as you being able to touch them like that though!!!
  9. I'll be coming. All the way from Vancouver Island, but, I'm coming. Who needs what from CANADA???
  10. Wow, very cool. I could some fun uses of that! Thanks for the Vid share!!!
  11. Flabbergasted! Absolutely Stunning. I can't imagine the budget but, you sure pulled it off! Truly an amazing display! Thanks for sharing with all of us, the videos and the information!!
  12. That's so cool. Kinda makes me miss having my old house where I use to do my house and the neighbors house too. I'll just have to stick to my own house for now! Well done! Well done!
  13. Your lights look great, I agree with everybody else, everything is so clearly laid out and only certain things are lit and not to much is obscuring other parts of your display. Well done. I must research this Spiral tree some more, you guys are making these spiral trees look so good!!!!
  14. Yeah it's funny how much bigger our yards look once all of the equipment is torn down! Oh well on to looking at things for 2012 now!!!
  15. Well done! All your props are pretty incredible! Nice job and great sequencing!
  16. Congrats and welcome to the addiction. I too have to be thankful for the wealth of information this forum provides. There are a lot of very talented and creative people in here and we all benefit as a community from this! Merry Christmas and enjoy your Season!!! Evan
  17. Well after a year of being no animation and life altering changes here is my display this year: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=2680526925683┬Čif_t=video_comment http://vimeo.com/34037292 I feel like I'm starting over as my previous shows were far more grandure than this but, starting over a new life and a new show so time to rebuild again!! Enjoy and Merry Christmas! Evan
  18. I did some more looking and here is a live video. Still pretty incredible display.
  19. I can't imagine what he has invested into this but, wow! Simply amazing. Though I think it's a tad too busy, I admire the time and effort he took to put into it, much like the rest of us do!!! LED Matrix House Merry Christmas Evan
  20. Wow that's amazing! I love the display. The RGB look is amazing. I just can't fathom the cost right now. But very impressive!!! Ok and how cool is this that you actually had LMFAO out front of your house!!!! I feel not worthy just to be typing in the thread! You Sir are very impressive! Merry Christmas!
  21. Excuse me while i tuck my jaw back up! Your display is amazing! I'm in sheer awe at the time it took you to program it, set it up and make a sheer awe factor! I love your CCR Tree. I think I need to research these and see what I can do with them! Stupendous!!!
  22. Brian, your display never ceases to amaze me. I love so many different elements of it! Good job as always for 2011!!!!
  23. Very nice! Very well done. I love your multichannel vertical Mini Trees! So many aspects that I'd love to incorporate into my show some year. Your RGB Star at the top of your tree is fairly beautiful as well. Presume those are CCRs?
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