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  1. Can't view information as guests aren't allowed to view attachments.
  2. That's where i started this year. I have a 16 channel DC Board that I am driving two RGB Rainblow floods from Seasonalentertainment LLC. I stuck them inside some globes and I will be playing with them this year. I want to take this to the next level though and drive each "pixel" independantly. I've seen tonnes of videos and pics of guys doing this but, I haven't found any reference as to how they are wired, how they are programmed, and how you address each pixel individually. It seems to me it has something to do with the DMX world but, again I feel at a loss.
  3. Start with playing with the software, reading the instructions, plugging in some lights and then see what you can do from there. I remember downloading the trial before i bought everything and I never regretted any of it!!! Love LOR!
  4. Ryebred -- Thanks for the info. I still feel overwhelmed but, I know it will get better the more I sink my teeth into this. So then how are they wired? I see that they appear to be daisy chained together but, then how is each one addressed? I have been playing with some rainbow floods this fall that have RGB signals that you simply apply voltage via a DC board to each colour to make them illuminate. Then in LOR i've just simply assigned the DC board number and channel it's plugged into and it works. I'm thinking that what you have is more DMX'ish Thank you for being patient with me Ev
  5. That looks awesome, I can kind of see my Tree evolving into one of these. I still have no clue on how it all interfaces with LOR though. I think I kind of understand the pixel principle but, how do you get each Pixel to do do something different???
  6. Great thanks. The PDF helps. I am going to get my feet wet with this stuff next year. Just getting started again....
  7. Send it to me I can run it through Goldwave. You could probably also use the software located at www.freemake.com. It should convert your audio file to a constant bit rate one for you. UPDATE: Confirmed Freemake Video converter will convert your MP3 to a constant rate mp3. Make sure you use the CUSTOM option when you install it! Otherwise it adds all kinds of junk to your pc.
  8. I remember the feeling I had after I got my first controllers and plugged in everything for the first time. I still get that feeling after I get everything all setup and programmed! Well done, your timing looks good, can't wait to see it out and on your home! Congrats
  9. Wow, those look great. Would you mind doing a small schematic of how that all ties into LOR and then how you program it? Those are just too cool. Funny I was just looking at SM5050 LED strips from China today but, told myself WAIT until next year!!!! Very nice looking!
  10. Yeah not sure what happened. I know they had a site hack but, I guess maybe their hosting space ran out? Oh well, sometimes that happens. Sad really.
  11. That's the only way I sequence. Can't imagine doing it on one.
  12. Anyone care to share a sequence of these? I'd love to look at it just to see what i have in store for next year.
  13. Can I ask more about your RGB setup. I'm thinking about getting my feet wet with RGB next year. Just wondering what you are using and how you sequence/interface it with LOR? Thanks Evan
  14. Hey look on the bright side! I used to frequent christmaslights.ca and it's just up and vanished!!! At least here there are still people posting, helping and informing us!!!
  15. Ohhhh the coro-canes are very enticing, perhaps that's what I should get my feet with next year!!!
  16. Ok so I'm really green at all of this. How do the WS2811 Pixel strings interface with LOR? I'm guessing they must be DMX and their must be a converter from LOR that addresses DMX Items? Sorry it's been like 3 years since I've looked at this stuff and that's a lifetime in the seasonal lighting game! Evan
  17. Scratches his head and rubs his eyes. Wow, I've been out of this wayyyyyy too long. I think i need to do some reading. I think I also finally feel the need to upgrade to V3 and Superstar??? of Lightorama! Very Very cool Video!!! Evan I'm Presuming you made the icicles and exploding snowflakes?
  18. Wow that's fantastic. I have been out of LOR for too long. I need to do some upgrading and get caught up and up to speed! Very cool Prop and Video! Evan
  19. Your snowflake looks great. You need more of those. I am thinking of building something similar to that but, have to think about how I want to build and sequence it.
  20. Agreed, lots of great elements but, too much going on and you need to sort of choose which items to light up instead of all at once. But a good beginning.
  21. Wow, looks like I've been out of the loop too long. What's E1.31? I heard them talking about Ray Wu's pixels at the PNW gathering but, didn't get a chance to really understand how they are used and programmed. I'm sure your sequencing would really blow my mind but, I'm willing to put my learning hat on. Very Cool and clean display!!! Evan
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