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  1. I saw that too. I'll try the fair use thing too. So tired of having to look for a video host all the time. Vimeo seems easy enough.
  2. Yup, RGB Newb mistake #1 of many to follow this year I'm sure! Thanks for your help!
  3. The stuff you learn!!! I had no idea that's what those lights were drawing. I guess in my head I was just thinking these are little LEDs they won't draw that much. Each arch has a little less than two strips on it as I i knocked about 3 feet off each one as they were too long for my arches. Each channel only has one colour on it.(x 2 strips) So I will purchase two power supplies from Ray and look locally to see what I can find. I don't think Ray's power supplies will get here in time for the whole season. Maybe somewhere locally will have something? Thanks for all the information and
  4. Help.... Trying to figure out why my CMB16 Keeps taking out my 12 Volt Power Supplies? I bought these. LED Light strips. Last month and I've been able to make them work great with my show and the controller flashes them on and off and changes colour as expected. I'm feeding them with a DC 12 Volt 2 Amp power brick but, it only lasts about a week and then quits. I changed it out with a different one with the same result. Am I simply drawing more than what the brick can put out? From my Math these strings are 72 Watts each and I'm running 6 of them 3 x 2 strings together. So I'm thinkin
  5. Nice! I wish i had a friend with a quadcopter bet that's going to look really cool. Your off to a great start!
  6. Wow! I still can't wrap my head around the need for all of the power supplies! Crazy!
  7. Yeah that's where I am right now. I use to mount stuff right to the house for all year round clips on the house. However this year, the UV has destroyed my clips. So onto plan B, which I think is where you are with the Window frames.
  8. Well I bought 5 foot Angle iron to bash into the ground and then thought I would strap the arches to that. My arches will be 30 feet so hopefully it all holds. Do you separate them every year or are your sections glued together? I thought that I would just put a cotter pin where they join to hold them together.
  9. Looks like it's standard RGB wiring. I'm not sure about the "wireless" in the description. From the picture it just looks like 4 wires that you'll need for RGB. Cheers Evan
  10. Hey All, So life has moved on and I'm back into decorating again. TLDR - Life happened, had to reinvent display. Ok, I have a question about driveway arches, back in 2008 I had driveway arches over my driveway and though they worked they always bothered me by how wiggly they were. I used 1 inch irrigation PVC over my driveway and then used giant garden stakes that I pounded into my lawn to stop them from swaying. I'm sure in 6 years somebody has come up with something that doesn't sway as bad. I was thinking about using Grey Electrical Conduit 3/4 inch, as it's thicker wall might not w
  11. Love the Radio intro, you can't beat good ol' Cartman!
  12. Ummm wow, I have been out in the trees too long. I need to pull up my socks and figure out how to build and implement some of this stuff. Very very nice!
  13. Hey Mr Grunts! Love your display! Love big props like that. I've toyed with having light sticks go up or mount my arches in a vertical fashion instead but, haven't gotten around to it. Excellent work!! Evan
  14. Well that's still a really cool thing for you to accommodate and have in your display. Something they will treasure for years!!!
  15. I'm still scratching my head on how that all connects. But, I love the fact that so many RGB Experts in here are willing to help out and help the rest of us rookies figure it out. I'm glad I waited until next year to look into it and figure it out. First step already completed, I just upgraded to LOR v3. Can't wait to get it loaded and start playing with it!!
  16. That's awesome! What a great story! Too bad you didn't catch it on video? I love it when people make your display part of their christmas!! George, What's the tagline in your signature all about??? Cheers Evan
  17. Well A little rolled back from years past but, slowly to be built upon again! Hope you all enjoy! Berty Cox - Techno Edit --> Always open to opinion. There were more lights on the ground on the left but, I lost them in the snow we had, completely smoked 6 strands of lights!!! -Evan
  18. Yay! There is the other "Merry Christmas" Sign.(I contacted you a few years ago to have one sent to my house too!) There is something very classic about your display. Don't change anything! It's just beautiful! Love every aspect of your display, the only thing I'd change is my proximity to it, so I could come and see it in person. -Evan
  19. That's cool! I added my kids talking this year and it was a huge hit. I have to get video recorded before the season is up!!!!
  20. Well you definitely have the right canvas to get started with. I am so jealous of all of you that have snow this time of year. That is just one element you can't buy! It really adds to your display and I agree, use your bushes as beat elements, get them flashing to the lights. I always try and make my props be different parts of the song, words, or beats, or background, whatever makes it tick. Excellent start though!!!
  21. Yeah We really loved your display too. It's really inspiring for me to watch these shows and hope that someday my display catches up to you all. Neat to see a TV Celebrity on here!
  22. Very creative. Thinking outside the box and having fun while waiting to save lives!!!
  23. So are you all guys just using LOR DC Boards to driver your RGB lights then? It seems to me that you guys have control over each individual RGB light but, maybe I'm missing something. Evan
  24. WOW This was extremely helpful. I am going to take this home and play with it now. Just thread jacking. I'm just getting my feet wet with RGB this year. I'm using a Rainbow flood from Seasonalentertainmentllc. Thanks Evan
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