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  1. Unique song! Good timing, love the Snowflakes, they look huge!!
  2. I am so jealous of your real estate! You have so much room to play with but, honestly, i remember your work from last year and your house just "awes" me everytime! Well done!
  3. I can remember the first time I plugged the controller in and turned on the lights and then raced outside to see the lights in action. Once you start, you just can't stop. What's amazing too is all of the great displays here and all over the world that inspire us! .... and like Ron Said.... Welcome to the addiction ....errrr uhhh Hobby!
  4. LOL.... I've got too many other new additions this year to setup and configure. If get it all done before go time I'll sneak it in. I just have his star and no bracing so we'd have to build that before the season starts. Who knows, it might show up mid season or something!
  5. A very well balanced and thought out display. Looks fantastic.!!!
  6. Holdman Star! Always Classic! My friend made one and it was always one of my favorite features of his display. It sits at my house now as he can't use it for a few years. Hmmmm Wonder if I can sneak it into my sequencing.
  7. Thanks for the motivational words Keith. I love the effects of Pixels and perhaps someday I'll phase bits in here and there but, for now it's all lights and the comments and happy Memories get started here. We've been told we've become many families, traditions every Christmas so, that's just one of the many reasons we keep doing it!!
  8. Very impressive. Looks great. Your timing is spot on!!! Feel like I'm losing the battle to Pixels. All of you guys out there doing Pixel trees and Sequencing with the Pixel Editor. Wonder if I'll ever convert or look at going that way?
  9. It's displays like yours that made me with I really thought about my display before doing it. Love houses that have complete colour changes. Very amazing display, so many very awesome elements with all the right pieces in all the right places. Thanks for sharing!
  10. So Classy. Just the right amount of pop with out overdoing it! Thanks for sharing!
  11. If memory serves, we stayed at the Governor in Olympia. It was nice because it was right downtown so my Wife, could go wander around, shop, get on the bus and venture out. We are toying with staying in Lacey this time but, will. See she isn't that comfortable driving down there so a downtown core might be better. Cheers Evan
  12. Hey Lightzilla, I know what you mean I've been thinking about trying to co-ordinate something in Western Canada, like Vancouver or on the island. I can count on two hands a number or people that would attend. Perhaps it's something I should look at trying to co-ordinate with a few light crazies. Mark and Kevin do an awesome job of organizing this CLAP event though. It's a really fun event!!!! Evan
  13. We stayed in Olympia last time and made a weekend out of it! I'm happy to say that I will be there both Friday and Saturday this year! Thanks for putting this together guys!!!! I'm working on a new Jig for bending stars for my new Shooting star prop this year. Would this be something worth bringing down and sharing??? I couldn't bring a welder for those that wanted to bend one up but, maybe something for a class???? Just thought I'd throw it on the table! Evan
  14. Amtrak! That is totally awesome! Love the mix of colour and direction! Well done! Looks awesome! I'm still awestruck by some your guys displays! Love the layout of your House/display! Beautiful!
  15. Yeah nice clean install. I had Dumb RGB Strips over my driveway last year and loved them but, there is just something about the pixels that keeps intriguing me. Love your lights, good effects!!
  16. Umm is there a smiley for smoke coming out of my ears??? 1st love the display! 2nd -- need to understand pixels, universes, E1.31, injecting power and sequencing such amazing props! In the middle of reading the RGB 101 from the Australian site. Hopefully it answers some questions! Cheers Evan
  17. Glad to know it's not just the C6 lights that grab onto everything. Love the lights but, man they are like velcro. If I go rock climbing i'll use those next time! LOL.. I do have a question though. When building these, do you build the tree and then add the lights as you see fit or do you buy the lights and make the tree to fit. I was thinking about building some small ones but, I'm trying to figure out how to calculate the light usage around the tree. I was going to buy some lights that are on sale here locally for $4 / strand but the strands are only 12 feet long. So I don't think I coul
  18. Cool, can't wait to see a video of it. If you want the sequence I'm happy to share it! Cheers Evan
  19. Yup, I'll say it again. I'm not worthy!!! Very impressive as always Mr Simmons! Evan
  20. Now I remember the guy I talked to about my Merry Christmas sign! Looks good my friend!!
  21. Congratulations! It's truly a great feeling. I had one of those moments this year when a neighbor from the other end of the street (I live on a cul-de-sac) came down while I was putting up lights and said how much she and her 3 bridge clubs loved our lights. That right there is the whole reason we do it. It's not to out do each other but, to enjoy what we have and how much joy it brings to all of us around us!!! Merry Christmas and welcome the addiction.
  22. Hey Thanks all, Sorry for the late response. I got the Merry Christmas sign from christmas-leds.com and lit them with White C6 LEDS. It was pain staking to do but, the end result was worth it. I am thinking that maybe when these lights fail that I might replace them RGB Nodes... See how it goes. Val was the lady at Christmas-leds that I contacted through their website. Merry Christmas Evan
  23. That sucks. I could see it if we were trying to make money at it but, we aren't we are just sharing our Christmas displays and having fun doing so. Just so sad really.
  24. Well here it is, my 2014 display with basic Dumb RGB strips over the driveway. Display still needs some work but, I'm seeing lots of things that I'd love to add as time goes on. Anyways, enjoy the show. I stuck this up on the Facebook group but, I thought I'd share it here as well. https://vimeo.com/114176228 If anybody wants the sequence, message me your email and I'll send it to yah! Merry Christmas Evan
  25. Bows before you, My hats off to you! That was Brilliant! Thank you for sharing! Love the beat and all of the props in your display!! Very impressive!!!
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