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  1. Hmmmm.... Think I'll have to get my Fog machine out. Just have to buy a relay and I've already got lots of dc power supplies kicking around... Thanks Dave I'll post pics and info if I get it to work. Thanks a lot Evan
  2. Hey Guys, I have a Fog Machine that is last years model of this one. http://www.worldmusicsupply.com/lighting/foggers-bubbles/Eliminator/E-119.asp It works by pressing the button down for an amount of time and the unit fogs. It only allows fogging to occur if it has been powered up for 3 minutes to warm up; thus it needs constant power to keep the steamer warm. You can't just plug it in and have instant fog. It fogs when you close the circuit with the switch. SOooooo My question is: Can I somehow use LOR to close the circuit on the switch to have it fog at random interval's instead of me ha
  3. Hey Mike, I remember seeing snippets of yours from last year. Inspiring. My Wife is having a blast with her display this year. It's kind of fun for me as I'm building all the props she wants built. Learning as I go. Cheers Evan
  4. Those are awesome Videos. Good job. What is the Big Pumpkin made out of is it a big Plastic one?? It's Fantastic! Good job. We're adding LOR for the first time to Halloween this year. -Evan
  5. I'm excited for LORII this year but, I think with all the other things I have on the go this year I'll wait until 2008 to try it. -Evan
  6. If I remember correctly she got it on eBay. It was a big hit last year and we were pretty happy with it. -Evan
  7. I have a showtime box mounted on the front of my house and it weathered just fine last season, this year it will have one of those Gray boxes and be absolutely fine as well. If you want to add a bit more Resistance to it, put a little foam tape under the door where it meets the enclosure. Or You could build like a little box to put the box in... Again don't submerge it, They are not waterPROOF just Resistant.
  8. Slick! Even if you just slid a couple of 2x4's under neath it to give it some room to breath. Besides you'll probably need a little bit of pressure released so that your present isn't sitting on your Extension cords.... -Evan
  9. Wow, I wish I had the time and money to upgrade my Service or put in an addition to what i have now. Oh well, for now we're adding a transfer panel for when the power goes out. Not Christmas oriented just comfort oriented. We had a few bad storms roll through here last year, So I bought a Genset and I'm going to wire up a Transfer panel to feed the fridge and heat and whatever else I can squeeze on to my Genset. Ok off topic. Nice setup for your System!... -Evan
  10. Good GAWD MAN! That's some thick ass cable.... Talk about getting serious. -Evan
  11. Hey I'll Follow Grump, Here I am as well good to see everybody here. Hope to still cross polinate between PC and Here. Evan
  12. Hey, Don't ever feel like a dope. It's how we all learn in here... -Evan
  13. Hey Dan, Wow, thanks for the comment. Nice to see the owner of LOR and the creator of this great resource saying something... Yes that tree is an inflatable. New addition for last year. This year we're going to have a barrage of pumpkins singing via LOR and perhaps some lightning created by LOR. -Evan
  14. Thanks, we've got a lot more things planned for this year and I'm hoping to put LEDs into the skulls on the fence. -Evan
  15. grandad wrote: Cool Display. Love the use of ropelights. Well done! -Evan
  16. Yay, Just my first post here thought I'd give it a shot. Visit http://boosandghouls.active.ws That's where my Wife has created her Halloween page. LOR will be added this year so stay tuned.... -Evan
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