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  1. Very Classy, and very clean. Pretty impressive for your first shot at it!
  2. What about something like this. https://vimeo.com/149094547
  3. Hey Jim, Wow, your Pixel tree is Mesmerizing! Love it!!!
  4. Sorry, evan.c.norris@gmail.com. Thanks.
  5. Hey All, I know it's last minute but, thought I'd ask. I was wondering if anybody had the Frozen - Let it Go Sequenced??? Just looking for basic timing, no singing faces or pixels. Thanks
  6. That's truly fantastic, thats neighborhood Spirit!
  7. I agree, I just love when the community comes together and offers a great tradition for families to see and enjoy during the Holiday Season. Good on you for putting this together.! Love the Aerial Drone shot!
  8. Always thought the Face was a cool idea. Way to use a dark space of your house! Love it!!
  9. Love the effects in your show but, I agree, need less dark spots and more animated spots! Very cool though!!!!
  10. Yes have to admit very very impressive and clean display! Very well thought out! Love every aspect of it. Though my neighbors would disapprove of the spotlights if i ever went that way.
  11. You guys and your Pixel Trees. I'm always so impressed. Maybe next year I'll get my feet wet with that. Hmmm starting to sound like a broken record with that one.
  12. Wow! That's fantastic that ALL your neighbors are on board with your display. Very Very cool!
  13. Love your Snow Flakes! Those are fantastic.!!!
  14. I'm simply dazzled every time I see a Pixel Anything. Very cool! Someday when the kids are gone and work isn't so hectic I'd love to dig into this. For now, I'll just be basic RGB and lights!
  15. YAY! Sorry for drudging up an old thread but, I want to make a couple of spiral trees this year, and this calculator at the top of the page just helped me with a lot of things!!!!! Thank you Mega Arch for uploading it!! Evan
  16. Yup Spiral trees are truly amazing! Have to really learn how to get that right this year!
  17. Well done Sequencing. Love the effects of your RGB Tree! It looks great. Sorry for your loss. She was probably watching over your display all season! I agree on timing, I usually don't like letting my songs go over 2 minutes. Figure that's long enough for one song and on to the next!!
  18. I was laughing all the way through Well done!!
  19. That looks awesome! I love the effect when the arches are dancing with each other! How many channels per arch? Love the back drop too with the icicles on the house!
  20. It's funny every night, i go out and do a "light" check on things. Just to make sure everything is working the way it is supposed to be and there are not burnt out lights. Plus it's nice to go out and look at everything working the way that you spent the last year planning and hoping it would!
  21. Hey All, Well not as flashy or pixely as the rest of yah, here is our display this year: https://vimeo.com/148692455 I must be getting old because I can't figure out how to embed it so that it shows the video right here. Sorry.... Merry Christmas to all!!!! Evan
  22. Very impressive. First year with RGB, I would say you look like a Pro. Nice work!
  23. That's awesome! Love the headlights in the Tractors that come on and go off! Nice work!
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