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  1. Hmmmm, Guess I'm going to have to pull the trigger on a small show computer. I've got a few old Laptops kicking around that might get the job done! 

    And It looks like I'll need a new USB Red connector too. 

    Hmmm Shopping list is getting longer. Summer testing will be happening!!!

    Thank you all for your patience and input!


  2. I'm kinda going to jump on this thread until I do some more searching. I want to add a Pixie16 Board in 2020.

    Currently my Setup is a -- Gen3 Mini MP3Director Hung off a 13 year old Pro Series 1600W unit and an ELL off of that same 1600.

    Then a "receiving" ELL on my lawn that connects 4-CTBPC16 A/C controllers, 1 CMB16 DC Controller.

    Can I add a Pixie16 Controller at the end of the Lawn units or does the whole system need to be Hardwired if I want to drive Pixels via the Pixie16 Board. There won't be a whole lot of Pixels on the Pixie16 (100 total) (( for now )) but, I'm going to be that annoying old guy that asks all the Pixel questions now. :D


  3. I'm so glad I waited. I saw a Christmas special on TV last night that has inspired me to finally dip my Canadian toes into the Pixel realm... I'm going to start with just one Pixie16 Controller and then about 100 Pixels to get started with. 

    Now I just want to upgrade my Software, Get the gear and start playing.

    Thank you for this great video and Instruction Set. I've been lurking over in the FB Group but, haven't come back to here in Years. Time to reinvest in some new LOR Gear!!!!


  4. 1 minute ago, B.Y.R.G. said:

    Alright I'm the first to say those stars shooting across is AWESOME!  Watched the video for like 15 seconds and responded....LOL!

    Thanks, I saw it on the Light Fight a few years ago, Blaine Fuller from Georgia. Contacted him through facebook asked lots of questions then figured out how to apply it in my display. Made all the stars and lit them myself. It's still one of my favorite pieces. Thanks again!!! :D

  5. I ended up using James' Sequence as a reference and made a pile of changes for my show.

    Also used a 2 minute version of the song instead of the whole thing.
    Happy to pay it forward and share my sequence to those out there.


  6. Oh my GAWD! Even better with the video. I absolutely love the way it looks like your arches are sneaking across the path and driveway!!! 4 Channels you say hey. Hmmmm You are giving me ideas to bring arches back into my display next year! I had to take mine apart as 2 were wrecked by fire but, this gives me ideas!!!! Thanks for the ideas and information on your display!!!

    Absolutely Love your display!!!

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