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  1. Please note that the issue / this topic / has been noticed and that we will work to resolve the issue. As progress is made this topic will be updated. Best regards, Dan Baldwin
  2. This year it is a lucky draw. We do still view and prep the the videos and once that is complete we make the selection. The selection made using the random function in a windows excel spreadsheet. All entries are assigned a random number. Then all entries are sorted (ascending) using the random number assigned. The entry at the top of the result of the sort is the winner. We will inform the winner shortly. We may go back to a more traditional way of doing the contest this year...
  3. John, who wrote the firmware for the Pixies will respond shortly to this thread and get it all straightened out. As I am typing this, I have three pixie controllers running. One is running using LOR standard protocol. One is running enhanced and a Pixie2 is running raw DMX512. They are all running the same effects ( copied to different controllers in the sequence ) and I can see all three of them performing identically. As far as 100 channels vs 170... The true number is 170...using Ehnanced Protocol. Someone on the help desk that was running on older information indicated that the correct number is 100 but that is old information. We are double checking now, but preliminary reviews indicate that the online manual for the Pixie Controllers has correct information. Internally we are making sure that everyone is updated and working off the same page so we can minimize and not be a contributor to any confusion in the future. We will correct / synchronize our documentation as quickly as possible. John will provide some additional detail.
  4. It does sound like there is some confusion here and the documentation could be improved. As far as protocols are concerned, the pixie controllers do work with both protocols... BUT Pixel Editor in S4 and Sequencer in S5 only produce files for enhanced networks so when using that software you need to use an enhanced network. But lets take someone who had an original CCR tree from years ago, sequenced using S3 Sequence Editor and/or Super Star, they could use a Pixie16 with ribbons and use the same sequences ( no enhanced networks ). As far as the 170 pixels I am getting some clarification on that.
  5. You license has been adjusted. You can use it now.
  6. I can see your dilemma... When allocation a "small" amount of disk space for LOR use, this decision to store required work files rather than delaying the user experience to re-create them every time a sequence is opened can be an issue. As has been mentioned, the files are being used by the software at some point so they are not optional and have been this way for many, many years. The question of why not optionally delete/cleanup the files when a sequence is closed is a good one. I believe that the answer is that it was considered unnecessary because an average user would be loosing a couple GB of space which is not generally considered significant on modern machines. Even a user with a couple hundred songs would be using, on average, less than 10GB of extra storage which again, on most machines would not be an issue. However in your case I can see that by partitioning off an relatively small area for LOR ( which would be more than sufficient if it were not for these extra files that are created ), that with this can be a frustrating issue. As mentioned the files are only used by the sequence editor and only when the sequence is being played. Turn off waveform as default and when you open the files the extra files will not be created. They will only be created when the waveform is displayed or the sequence is played in the Sequence Editor. They will not be created when the Show Player is playing the sequence in a show. For now I think the best you can do is occasionally delete the contents of the folder with the wav and wma files. But this should not be required very often. The files must be created to work with a sequence in the Sequence Editor but we will look into the effort required to add an option to delete the files when the sequence is closed.
  7. We at LOR do sometimes miss things and perhaps we sometimes prioritize the wrong things but we have done our best to listen to our customers needs. And we plan to continue doing so. For example S5 was a result of our customer's requests. But in any case I do not think that LOR pays little attention to their customers and I know for sure that is not our intention. I noticed that we have not been receiving requests to the wishlist (probably because people did not know it existed ). In any case we have a few requests from 2016 and none after that. For the wishlist send an email to ( wishlist@lightorama.com ) describing in as much detail as possible the feature you would like to see... Based on the number of times we see a request the more chance that item will be included in the software (or hardware's firmware)... But even if we only see a clever idea once we may end up adding it to the software. Many of the features in S3 and S4 came from the wishlist. So please if you have a suggestion for the software please send an email to wishlist@lightorama.com ... Now is a great time to send in those wishes as we will be getting S5 ready for release this year! Also I would like to thank Bob for everything he has done over the years for LOR users. Best regards, Dan Baldwin (President ... Light-O-Rama, Inc.)
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