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  1. Sequencing still? Now that's some dedication! I'm in the mode of time to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor after a long year of prepping props and sequencing songs. Watching the show and dreaming up new and expensive ideas for next year is on the agenda till Jan. 1st.
  2. Great display and video quality is superb. Maybe you could get the audio dubbed in to match?
  3. There's only one drive-in theater that I know of in the San Diego metro area. Been there a couple of times in the past 10 years. It's about 30 mins. drive and as most do they play a double feature which can be long. Any chance they're using a WHT from LOR to broadcast the audio for the movie? hahaha!
  4. Where's the popcorn? It's like the old days with drive in movie theaters but Christmas style!
  5. Alright I'm the first to say those stars shooting across is AWESOME! Watched the video for like 15 seconds and responded....LOL!
  6. Not too worried about news stations or what not. Ramona is a small country type of town of around 20K that's at least 30-45 mins. from any San Diego metro areas. Usually one or two cars at the most and not that often. Luckily if it ever did get busier with this neighborhood the houses aren't packed in close together (1/2 acre lots on average) and no house is directly across from the show. Although I did have a SUV full of young kids stop and start singing to Imagine Dragons "Thunder" while I was out video recording the show couple of days ago. They didn't even realize i was in the back of my truck bed right behind them......heheh.
  7. Sucker.......LOL! Cool story.....thanks for sharing.
  8. Spent 90-91 at Kadena Air Farce base stationed on the Navy (squidly) side of the airfield. Had some good times there and played in a ton of softball tournaments. Could of did without the humidity though.
  9. Awesome idea and looking forward to seeing it in action. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Well then let's see them lovey dovey videos? If it's laziness then I understand.....same boat. The wife got me Mavic's little brother the DJI Spark for Christmas last year (awesome but less battery time) and I still haven't got around to recording the show yet.
  11. Hard to even watch the videos with 360P max resolution.....wth! I also think anyone who is on the GCLF shouldn't be able to compete in this contest. They've already had their 15 minutes of fame and would the prize LOR is giving really make a difference to them?
  12. Sorry to hear.....freaking SOB's!
  13. I'm guessing not many visitors around 4am.....too funny!
  14. It made me tired JUST watching your video with all the work going on.....oh and cold too! Going to need some hot chocolate to warm up.
  15. Yikes! I'm guessing you are retired. That's about 6-7 weekends for a working stiff like myself. I won't let my display get any bigger than two weekends to put up at the most.
  16. Little surprised you went the non pixel route. Used 100 bullet nodes to make my 89.1 FM sign with coro from Home Depot and it only took a couple of hours. Spray painted the coro a sparkly green color after drilling the holes for the nodes. Popped the nodes in and mounted the coro to a 2x4 frame with a few screws and done. Mine does go off and on with each song but I do incorporate it somewhat during my sequences using different colors and sparkly effects.
  17. Do you use the panels for anything else other than a tune to sign? Incorporate it into your songs/sequences with flashy graphics? If not then that is an extravagant Tune To / Song Info sign.
  18. Oh I see a work in progress update type thread......cool! I didn't add anything new this year to the display so doubt I'll post any videos. So I'll just enjoy yours and whoever else posts.
  19. About the only thing I'm familiar with in Fresno is that it's on the way to Yosemite....haha! Great area though and could definitely live there as it's close to the wife and I favorite National Park. Was just camping in the valley a few weeks ago.......awesome! Good luck with your light 'em par-tayyy!
  20. Looking good! Liking the dual pixel trees and P10 matrix in the window. Huge display but the house could use some lights to fill in the background. Definitely major Christmas spirit going on! Thanks for sharing.
  21. What the......magic? You got David Copperfield consulting for you or something?
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