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  1. Just to add closure to my topic - My pixel tree started freezing more every night it seemed like so I opened a ticket with LOR and after giving them all of the details they decided the Pixie8 controller had an issue. They sent me another controller and I have had zero issues since installing it!
  2. Well that didn't solve the issue unfortunately, thank you for the suggestion though!
  3. I've got a 16x25 pixie tree that keeps freezing during my show. I originally had it on the same network as my other 48 channels but now I have it on its own network with the HS 485 connector and it is still doing it. When it happens, the red light in the pixie8 controller goes out completely. Sometimes it lasts all night and sometimes for only a song or two. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  4. So just to update - my show is fully functioning now. The issues I was having and the solution were as follows... 1. I originally downloaded the Motionpak sequence and tried to merge them into the base sequence before I upgraded to the Pro license. (For the pixel tree, the pro license is required and LOR specifically states that but I missed it) To fix this I had to delete the motionpaks and the merged sequences from the LOR folder and download them again, then merge them in LOR Hub again, and BAM they worked great! For reference, if the pixel tree is not showing up in the visualizer in sequencer when you play your show there, the command is not being sent to the controller. 2. I changed my network speed to 500k enhanced. I am currently running the full show at those settings with the old black USB to 485 converter (Purchased in 2014) but the pixel tree does seem to lag slightly. Ive got the red HS converter on its way and that should fix that! Hopefully this helps someone else in the same situation in the future!
  5. You might try deleting the motionpaks and redownloading them and trying to apply them again. That's what I just did and everything is working great now! I had upgraded my software after purchasing the motionpaks though...
  6. Did you upgrade your software after downloading the motionpaks?
  7. I have a problem loading motionpacks into my sequences as well but what I ended up doing was adding the motionpack file into my show by adding it to the animtion tab in the show editor. Just put them in the same order that your musical files are loaded.
  8. My speed is 500k and it is enhanced. Again, Ive got the black USB to 485 converter but I dont see how that would matter inside of the sequencer. I ran a test show and added the motionpack to the show editor under the animation tab and the pixel tree works, but I dont know why it wont work with the merged sequence.
  9. I used the motionpacks from LOR, merged them with the base sequence but the pixie tree isnt showing up on the preview inside of the sequencer when I play it. The tree is not playing outside either but Ive got a HS USB to 485 converter on order - Im just beginning to wonder if it will play at all if I cannot get it to play in the sequencer? Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. Good deal glad that was all it was! I didn’t think the pixie8 would run on a 57.6k enhanced network. I’ll try that also!
  11. Sorry that’s what I get for not proof reading. I see the red one will work with everything, I meant to say in the link you provided the black one will not work in a 500k enhanced network.
  12. Does anyone know if you have to have the HS red USB to RS485 converter to run a pixie8? In the link Don provided above it looks like it will not work on the 500k enhanced network but in the instruction sheet it says it could work...
  13. I am having issues with the exact same thing, but I did have to update the firmware on my controllers so that they would run on the 500k enhanced network because they are a few years old. If you have the G3 16 channel controllers you can find the firmware on LOR’s website. Hopefully that will fix your problem!
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