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  1. I think it has to do with the hardware utility. It needs to be on com 3 to controle the lights but when I close out of it and go back it it diffaults to Comm1. Is there a way to save the settings in the hardware utility?
  2. I have seen this asked in previouse post but I have not seen this box. Attached is a screen print of my computer. I dont see a box in the lower right corner. The version is 1.5.0 I appreciate any help Thanks Attached files
  3. Everything happened as you discribed. When I played the sequence the light was blinking.
  4. This is my 4th year with 2 - 16 channel controlers. I only look at these once a year so I have to relearn everything. I can controle the lights in hardware controler but they wont work with my previouse made sequences. I must be missing something. I tried making a new test loop but it still wont controle them in sequence editor. HELP
  5. Got the new software up and running and problem solved. Thanks
  6. I have had 2 -16 channel controllers now for 3 years. I bought a new computer this year Windows XP. I have connected the controllers and they are communicating with the computer. I can manipulate the lights from each controller in the hardware mode. But when I tried to run my old sequence in the software it will not work. So I downloaded the updated software but I am still having the same problem. It looks like I need to pay for the new software but I don't have my old e-mail account. Is there anyway to make my controllers work on the old software. If not how to I buy the new one.
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