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  1. Could I get a copy. I promise not to share and will only use for personal use. sugarnspice10172@aol.com. Thanks.
  2. Looking for a Star Wars theme sequence with R2d2 scream that looks like he is moving by using mini trees. It would be great if it had a laser battle as well. I only have A/C lights. Also would appreciate where to obtain the music if you have the sequence.
  3. Hi there. I just sent you some sequences. sugarnspice10172@aol.com. Good Luck
  4. I upgraded to S5 and when I opened my LOR file of saved sequences, every single one of them is now listed as SH not SE file. Anyone have any idea of what's going on? \
  5. Hoping someone can help me. I opened an old music sequence to convert into S5. When going through the conflicts I accidently deleted two channels from the music sequence. How do I re-insert those deleted two channels back into the sequence I'm re-programming? The channel I need appear in my main preview. Thanks
  6. Could you send some my way. I would really appreciate it. Sugarnspice10172@aol.com
  7. Hi are you still having any classes or any new ones coming up? I don't know how you find the time to do all the amazing sequences along with helping people. sugarnspice10172@aol.com Thanks.
  8. I just did Bad Guy -Tiesto remix Billie Ellish. Cool song. Last minute very basic. Didn't use my full 32 channels. Tic Tok has some cool songs.
  9. For sure, they are always so generous with sharing and with providing assistance if you ask.
  10. Shoot me an email at sugarnspice10172@aol.com and I will send you what I have. It's very very basic (32 channels) but only was able to do a couple this year. I have to admit I modified a couple that were sent to me from other LOR forum members.
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