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  1. 1st year for me. I purchased a 1602 contoller on ebay. It has the old mp3 director in it. Everything worked great. The guy I bought it from left me a SD card in it with a bunch of sequences on it. It was great!!! I wanted to make it better by adding a few more sequences to it. I bought the lor software, launched, found a thx into, downloaded it. Simple show builder and put on SD card. Took care put in director and light on controller was solid for a few seconds then flashes red. I take card out, put back on computer and evidently it erasedan my show. I have true to put some others on SD card and all I get is red blinking light after a few seconds. I have family coming tommorow night for thanksgiving and all my work is down the drain. PLEASE HELP!!! I am not very tech savvy. Thanks a ton. -chad
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