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    family, riding my Harley, coaching travel softball and setting up lights for xmas
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  1. James, can you send me a copy please...jlnja@aol.com thanks
  2. 4 browser's later....finally got it to download correctly... is there any rhythm to the list, IE: 6 different versions of Run Run Rudolph, is there anyway to determine which is the latest? sorry for all the questions, i am really excited to use some of the sequences i do not have or ones that are better than the ones i currently have..., thank you for providing.
  3. ok so let me ask a really dumb question.....how do I open them in sequence editor? thx
  4. thanks for the responses...tom the video of your lights would not work, but i get the idea...i just sent you a pm
  5. does anyone have "how to" directions or a web site that i can use to assist me in building 2 arches? thanks, Joe
  6. does anyone have any "how to" directions or sites that could assist me in building 2 arches for the lawn. thank you, Joe
  7. James if you still have time and would like to send a copy, i would appreciate it Thanks, JLNJA@aol.com
  8. James i would love the Brian Setzer ver if you still have time to share. Thanks, JLNJA@aol.com
  9. James can you send me a copy..thanks JLNJA@aol.com
  10. can i have a copy as well JLNJA@aol.com thanks
  11. don, can i bother you for a copy as well... JLNJA@aol.com thanks
  12. check your email. good luck and let me know if you need an assistance.
  13. James, I would like a copy as well. JLNJA@aol.com thanks, Joe
  14. James, I would like a copy as well. JLNJA@aol.com Thanks, Joe
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