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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, I did try that - no luck.
  2. Hello, I am sharing some sequences with a friend. I have used S4 in previous years and this year upgraded to S5, my friend programs in XLights. He uses XLights to convert between the different file formats. We have done this a few times but have run into a snag now. Xlights converts to .lms file, when I open the file S5 is trying to convert it from .lms to .loredit on Step 3 (the final step) I am getting the following error: "Unable to upgrade the sequence: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown" Does anyone know how to get rid of this erro
  3. Hello, I am looking at having some lights on my garage roof, a small break between pixels and then have the same string continue up to the bonus room roof. The Garage Roof will have 32 pixels and the bonus room section would have 24 pixels (all 12V). Is there a way to show this in Preview?
  4. Thanks for the responses. All the pixels I am running are 12V. Is there a "safe zone" for how between pixels a string will work? I would like to not use a Null Pixel but could if I need to.
  5. Up until last year my show was all AC Controllers (5 of them) and 1 Dumb RGB Controller (CMD24). I added in a pixie2 controller and pixie16. I also flipped my show to S5 last year... I basically left myself with little to no time to get everything working but I was thankfully able to get it working. I am getting rid of the CMD24 this year and going full into the pixel world. I do have some questions that I cannot find the answers to. I tried searching for the answers and couldn't find anything but I wouldn't be shocked if that was because I wasn't using the right terminology! 1. Any
  6. Thanks for answering but I don't think I was clear enough on my question. Here is a better example. If I buy a Lightorama Pixie2D (12V) - which comes with connectors already prewired/soldered - what connector style would match: Ray wu paul zhang xconnect Thanks
  7. Hello All, I have been toying with changing my current set up from AC Lights/dumb RGB to Pixels. In the process of researching everything I have come across Ray Wu's store. The prices do seem really good. Most of the RGB lights that I am interested in show there are 3 connector options: Ray wu paul zhang xconnect Can someone fill me in on which style of connector matches with the Lightorama controllers (Pixie 8 and Pixie 16's)?
  8. I looked during the MadGrab and I couldn't find the PixieLink's, any idea if the release date has been updated? I would like to get one of them on order asap. If I can get one and get it tested it would totally change what I am going to do before the holiday season.
  9. Does anyone know when Pixielink will be available to purchase?
  10. Thanks for the response Jim. I am using a laptop to run the show. I am running 2 networks already from it, one for 120V controllers and one for 3 Pixie Controllers. This has my USB's maxed unless I use a USB Hub. I am not sure if that is possible. Does anyone know if Pixie Controllers (specifically Pixie16) can run on E1.31?
  11. I am thinking of expanding my lights next year. I am concerned my total pixel count will be too much for the Enhanced LOR network settings. If I am reading everything correctly online Enhanced is good for 2000-3000 pixels. Can someone confirm if I am going over 3000 pixels I should go to E1.31 communication? In the pixie's manual there is mention of a PixieLink Adapter. I have found the data sheet for the adapter but cannot find where to buy it. Does Lightorama sell it yet? Will this adapter enable E1.31? Or will it be a Lightorama specific and how many pixels will it allow. I love t
  12. Curious to hear if people used these and if they were happy with them?
  13. I would love a copy too. Thanks! ronniehayter@hotmail.com
  14. I had built a sequence for a song that for some reason I have a really screwy time scale to. This year I am adding some singing Christmas trees and have bought a sequence that has a standard fix time scale. Is there any way to easily merge these two? No matter what I seem to try either it throws off the existing sequence timing or it throws the singing face off. Thanks for the help.
  15. I would love a copy too please. ronniehayter@hotmail.com. I'm in the same boat - I built 4 singing faces but only had enough channels for 2 of them to sing independently.
  16. I have got my first show up and running and then realized I have one string addressed wrong in the sequence editor. After I make the changes in the sequence editor do I have to delete the current show and then re-add it or will it pick up the change automatically? Just not sure how the show builder interacts with the sequence editor.
  17. roha0612

    No Sound

    Problem fixed. Not sure if it was a simple reboot that did it or if I had the show setup as an animation instead of a music show. Those were the only things that I changed and then it worked.
  18. roha0612

    No Sound

    I have nothing connected into the speakers as I am only testing it right now. There is no sound coming from the laptop speakers and there is nothing connected into the laptop speakers.
  19. roha0612

    No Sound

    Sorry, I probably wasn't very clear. I want the sound to come out of my laptop that is running the show but it doesn't. I am not sure if there is some setting that might have allow the sequence to play without sound???
  20. roha0612

    No Sound

    I have bought my first LOR system and created a sequence. I am playing with everything tonight so I can go live on Monday (hopefully). I am able to create a show with the one sequence I have created and the lights work but I have no sound. Currently all I have done is listen from my laptop speakers that are controlling the show. I am sure I am missing something very small.
  21. roha0612

    RGB Options

    Background: using CMB24 Controller and 8 'Dumb' ribbon lights Questions: - Can one channel power more then one string of ribbon? ie. if 2 ribbons are daisy chained. - The only way I have found to add color is by using the color fade, is there another way? - The color fade option does not allow for other things like intensity changes, is it possible for intensity changes on dumb RGB ribbons? I am sure I will have a ton more questions, thanks for the help.
  22. Hello indi, I am extremely new to all of this. I would be leaning towards there being a break somewhere too. The only other thing I would be wondering is there is a power supply issue but I think you would see the light getting dimmer as they go down the strip before they are totally off. Is it possible that the lights on your door are dimmer then the others? Is it your longest run from your controller? Did you use different extension cable?
  23. Hello Steven, I probably didn't do enough research to know any better... Does anyone have a simple RGB Dumb Ribbon program that I could look at/have?
  24. Vince4xmas, I am hoping to use the ribbons on my windows and doors so all 8 ribbons are scattered. I could mount the box outside and have it close to a couple of ribbons but not all of them. I figured why not have the put the box somewhere easy and just run the cable.
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