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  1. crap weather this past weekend, hoping for good enough so I can bust the ladder out and take measurements. Another question regarding mount area, on my straight runs I have gutters, 3 straights. anyone who has gutters and are outlined, above the gutter or below the gutter? on my gutters there's a bout a two inch lip underneath the gutter. I was thinking under gutter, parallel with the bottom of the facia board, just wanted to see if I can see what everyone's preference's are and reasoning for doing above or below gutter. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for all the replies and input. I'm going to get some measurement's done this weekend and get a shopping list together. I'm sure I'll be back..
  3. Yes you can totally see that half of peak #2 back side of the garage from the front of the house and the side. The RED adapter, does LOR sell this?
  4. when I did a vague measurement years ago, each run was about 14', I'm busting the ladder out this weekend weather permitting and getting some definite numbers to work with. still not sure about the pixel spacing or type, I actually have 16 dumb RGB strips that I purchased along with the controllers years ago, I was originally going to go with just dumb, just never went throw with it because of the siding mess on the house, but that's' gone now. I actually made a make shift tree this year out of the dumb strips and a tree frame I had, just ran it as standalone on CMB-24, turning off
  5. Awesome video, one day I'll get there. I ran a small show with my CTB16 when I first got it, I think back in 2014. I had old vinyl siding all over my house and this past year the wife I and some buddies removed it, patched, repaired everything underneath, new molding around all the windows, painted. It was fun.. NOT. and now it's time to get my eaves RGB'd out, my goal is to make them permanent and build the show out from there.
  6. Thanks JR, I will definitely give you a ping on the side. not following you on the back roof sections, everything in red is viewable from the street level. The first two peaks toward the bottom of the pic are my garage, the one above that is the peak where the house starts, the peak on the far right is where my two rooms are that peak is full facing the street. Amen! 🙂
  7. Thanks for the tip Jim, I recall seeing that lots here in the forums, test, test ,test. I will definitely test my full length wire run back to my controller before doing any mounting.. :-)
  8. Thank you both for the replies, I can see the problems using strips would cause when a LED goes bad. I need to take measurements on my total run, I have three peaks and three straight runs. @dibblejr what I gather from what you stated, I should be able to get away with putting one Pixie controller in the middle and running all my nodes back to one controller and not have two or three in this mix, is that not correct? @TheDucks do you know what types of issues the CTB16 causes if I network them together? or is it just not suggestable to do? How are you both mounting these and are they beh
  9. Hi, Finally getting back into this for this coming year, I want to outline my house eaves with RGB strips, I'm looking for the easiest solution :-) If I was to purchase several CCC II, am I able to daisy chain them together, if so is there a max? Or, am I better off going with a PixCon16 controller. If I use a PixCon16, how long can each run be back to the controller without injecting power or is injection a must do? is it correct that each strip has to be wired back to the PixCon16? I also have a CTB16PC that I purchased years ago and have used once, can this tie into the same
  10. Success!! wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, Thanks!
  11. I've found multiple posts with this question but didnt really see a hard answer, is CCA cable good for use on dumb pixels run's, longest will be 75' to CMB24D. I've seen ifrom it's okay to dont use. If I use this will I have any issues or power issues or loss or just stick with stranded copper ?? Sorry if I placed this in the wrong area http://www.thewireszone.com/p-7399-500-ft-stranded-white-184-awg-security-burglar-speaker-alarm-cable.aspx
  12. Spot on Mr. P, Help Desk is sending me the Mosfet , Thanks again!
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