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  1. Thanks Mike Ill Have cd and flash drives soon lol sucked no lights outside last night after driving my neighbors crazy but Merry Christmas
  2. Hey Sarge the link is dead Think you could send again Thanks Again for your Service crashthebash@msn.com
  3. Oh Thanks Guys Did have a back up can't find it house is a mess it's Christmas time
  4. James could you share a few songs with me lost everything and have nothing crashthebash@msn.com
  5. sarge could you share with me lost everything yesterday man that sux crashthebash@msn.com Thanks Merry Christmas
  6. Can anyone share computer crashed yesterday got new computer today got everything ready but have nothing to run Was dark here last night trying to make everything light up tonight with a littlehelp from some friends I have 32 channels Thanks Merry Christmas crashthebash@msn.com thanks again for helping the lights too come on
  7. Sarge would you share them with me also crashthebash@msn.com Thanks Very Appreciated
  8. Could I get a copy also Thanks crashthebash@msn.com
  9. James could I get a copy Thanks crashthebash@msn.com
  10. Dave could I get a copy thanks Merry Christmas crashthebash@msn.com
  11. James could I get a copy crashthebash@msn.com
  12. Would love any old rock thanks James crashthebash@msn.com One day i may have some you want right now wouldnt be that good first year But every headache has been worth it lol Thanks again James
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