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  1. For anyone else who ran into the issue with 5.3.10 where the creation of .play files caused the size of the .play file to almost double in size (compared to the .loredit file) instead of actually shrinking the size, it looks like v5.3.14 has fixed this issue. So if you had to go back to an older version of S5 to get your 2019 show running, you should be safe to use the latest. I've just upgraded and tested the compression process and the compression now matches the size of the compression in the older version.
  2. Jim It really doesn't make much sense. You take a version that makes the user manually create a .play.lms file that shrinks a loredit file down from over 200mb to under 5 and change that version so when the show plays it does it automatically (and as Phil said puts it in the dreaded lorInternal folder). Sounds great and fixes a lot of support issues because people would miss that step. But, how they botched it sooooo badly is beyond me, and to hear that issues found back in July haven't been addressed is troubling to say the least.
  3. Jim Couldn't agree more. Just mount some 50" LCD TVs on the front of the house and be done with it.
  4. Wow! Since July?!! One of the reasons I paid for LOR years ago was their support. now I’m concerned by their lack of response. I thought about jumping on the Xlights bandwagon but I’d read things about their constant upgrades having issues. if LOR is going in that same direction but XLights has better response to issues like this, then I may rethink things. I think the best thing to do is what I did last year going from 4.2 to 5.2. Get my new show setup on the older system and start the year with that. then setup a new pc with the new version and update. then just switch PCs to run the show. Any issues you can just go back to the original PC. I never thought a non major update would screw it up so bad so that was why I went from 2.2 to 3.10. Live and learn. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and hope your show this year goes well.
  5. Well I just went back to 5.2.2 Loaded the LOREDIT that was over 233mb saved as a playback file and the playback file was 4.5MB. What the hell did they do in 5.3.10?? Wow that was 3 hours of pain I didn't need to go through two days before my display went live. Again, sorry for the confusion, it was out of sheer frustration.
  6. Thanks Phil. Sorry for the confusion on the other threads. I was looking for similar issues and thought I'd ask the same question to those individuals, then I decided to just start my own thread. I should have just done that first. Well I've tried a bunch of things for the past few hours and nothing is working in 5.3.10 the way it should creating the play files. You mentioned 5.2.4 but I was asking about 5.2.2 since I still have a copy. Will 5.2.2 work? I don't use the motion GIF effects, so I should be OK.
  7. So in 5.2.2 I had a LOREDIT file of 99MB. Creating the .play file made it 4.5MB Now in 5.3.10 I'm adding the same file to my show and the system is creating the .play file on the fly, but it's creating it at 154MB! Does anyone know a fix to this? Can I uninstall 5.3.10 and use 5.2.2 and open items I created in 5.3.10?
  8. I'm thinking of going back to 5.2.2. I'm having major issues with the system creating .play files twice the size of the LOREDIT files. It's taking over a minute to load a sequence.
  9. Phil, what do you mean one of the fortunate ones? I'm running into a HUGE issue with this version. When the system automatically creates the play.lms files it's actually expanding the size of the file instead of shrinking it!!!! Last year I had a 99MB LOREDIT file. I created the .play.lms file and it was 4.5MB. I just took that same sequence at 99MB added it to my show and it created the play.lms file at 154MB!!!!! Are you aware of a way around this? Can I go back to 5.2? Steve
  10. Thanks everyone for the replies! 90% of what I'm running on these are LED strings, I can guarantee I'm not even close to 15 amps per box, even on the ones powering only incandescent mini bulbs. I'm saying this because I have two plugged into one circuit, another 5 plugged into another circuit, and two plugged into a third circuit. One is a spare and the new 2 will be on two other circuits. I'll probably keep the 2nd power cable in the box, just not connected to any posts. Thanks again for sharing your opinions. I appreciate it.
  11. So over the past 4 years I've built 12 of the ctb16kpcv1 kits. On all of them I've left it with the Double Plug. I've questioned if I should keep it with the double plug or use the jumper and only use one plug. What are the benefits or disadvantages to doing one way or the other? Thanks.
  12. I have one I made, using the LOR pixel editor. It's ok, but I'm also looking for a 16CCR for my new pixel tree, wanted it to show something different from the first tree. Doc, if you wouldn't mind sharing, sc_venice@yahoo.com Notredameforlife, if you can use the output from Pixel Editor, I'll send that over.
  13. Thank you again, I appreciate you sharing with everyone like this. Blue Christmas (Elvis)Holly Jolly Christmas (Burl Ives)Wizards in Winter (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)Christmas Vacation (Mavis Staples)It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year (Andy Williams) It's beginning to look a lot like christmas (Johnny Mathis)
  14. Hello, I'd also like this if you don't mind. Thank you for sharing your work, we appreciate it.
  15. Thank you very much!!! Really appreciate it. If you are looking for any sequences, I would be more than happy to help if I have them.
  16. Hi James, could I get a copy also? sc_venice@yahoo.com
  17. Hello, If you still are sharing this, I'd love to have it also. sc_venice@yahoo.com
  18. Hello, could I also get a copy? sc_venice@yahoo.com. Greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi Sarge, Could I please have number 43. sc_venice@yahoo.com
  20. Bill, Thank you! BTW what version of the song did you use? Your overall time is a lot longer than mine. If I can return the favor, please let me know. Steve
  21. Hello, I was hoping someone would have a sequence for Barry Manilow's Jingle Bells they would be willing to share. Would be greatly appreciated!
  22. Hi hoping to get a copy of this as well. Would really appreciate it, if it's still available. sc_venice@yahoo.com
  23. Well looks like we found the issue. Tech support had me check the 8 pin RS485 chip by swapping it with one of my working controllers. My working controller then exhibited the same issue and the controller that had the issue worked fine. Hoping I can get one at radio shack tomorrow, or I'll have to wait for the replacement from Light-O-Rama. Wish I had noticed this issue when I built them, but it lit up. I didn't test it going through a sequence.
  24. I just popped them out and back in. Same thing. Really strange. I'm trying a simple sequence and it seems to be working. Every time I turn on the light and turn it off it works. I ran a 30 second sequence of turning the lights on and off every 2/10 of a second and it never missed. Not sure why the hardware tester is acting differently. Like I mentioned. My other two units are not having this issue. I reflashed the firmware to the same version, but it's still doing it.
  25. I built three new controllers this year. I'm testing them with my animated display, but one of the controllers is acting erratic. When I have it go through all the lights in the hardware test, sometimes a circuit will light up, then next time around it won't, sometimes it won't shut off, etc.It's not consistent. All 16 channels are displaying this problem of occasionally not working. The other 2 controllers are not exhibiting this behavior, when the test goes around the 16 channels they all turn on and off every time. Before I go though every solder joint, is there something else I should be looking for, or a specific area on the board? These are all CTB16PC controllers
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