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  1. I would like a copy please. dan@digitaljamsdj.com
  2. Please Share dan@digitaljamsdj.com Thanks in Advance
  3. So I am going to buy a few 16 strand sequences and make a few. Does anyone have any that they want to trade? I just spent my entire budget to but the hardware and now I need help doing cool stuff with it? Who is in for a trade?
  4. I am having some issues with my setup. I have used regular controllers and Light o rama for several years and this year I decided to up my game. I did some research and ended up buying a package from Creative Lighting Displays. Here is the kit I bought.. http://store.creativelightingdisplays.com/CLD-16-RGB-Smart-Strips-WS2811-Package-ReadyToGO-CLD-16STRIP-PKG.htm ‚Äč I want to preface my confusion with the fact that I am an IT guy in my day job so I am pretty handy with computers and I am a DJ/sound & lighting tech on the side so I am decent with DMX. My confusion is this... The kit c
  5. I would totally appreciate it. dan@digitaljamsdj.com
  6. can I have a copy? Please and thanks dan@digitaljamsdj.com
  7. Would love a copy. please and thank you dan@digitaljamsdj.com
  8. I would love to have this if you are sharing. dan@digitaljamsdj.com
  9. if you are sharing, my town would greatly appreciate. dan@digitaljamsdj.com
  10. Hi Were doing a huge event tomorrow and this would help a ton. dan@digitaljamsdj.com Thank You!!!
  11. We would love to have this. dan@digitaljamsdj.com
  12. If you are willing to share with a non-profit putting on a show for the community, Please send to dan@digitaljamsdj.com Thanks Dan Bogart Barberton Area Jaycees Chairman of the Board
  13. If you are willing to share with a non-profit group putting on a display for the community, please send to dan@digitaljamsdj.com
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