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  1. do anyone have the light o rama or wow lights sequences my house layout kinda like lor and wow lights just i dont want to spend money cus i just placed my order for lor controller 1 channel for house roof 1 channel for icicle lights 1 channel for window outlines 4 channels for large green tree 8 channels for the 8 white mini treesmason verson for house.lee
  2. Hey everone I'm 17 and very new to light o rama. I just ordered my controller so I don't have money to spend on sequences so if anyone could plz email me some plz masonphone13@gmail.com
  3. I'm new to light o rama does any one have any 16ch sequences plz I would Greatly appreciate it
  4. Hey there I'm only 17 and way new to light o rama i just orderd my controller 16ch that's all and is there any way u can send me free sequences I would pay for some or yours but I don't get paid till dec 6 so that's a little bit if u can I would love that email if u need and want to send me some it's masonphone13@gmail.com
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