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  1. All fixed. 0 second delay now. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! All fixed!!! 0 second delay now!
  2. Awesome. Will update now. Thank you!!!!!!
  3. HELP!!!! Got something odd going on. I ran all my shows on my show computer so I could test all my timing and stuff with my cat cables unplugged so the lights would not be controlled. Ran through all my sequences the first time and it went through and build the playback file and all that fun stuff. My show and scheduleing is very critical to timing and all my sequences load and play within 1-2 seconds except one song that takes about 15 seconds to load! This really messes up my timing. Any suggestions? It’s the same song that does it no matter what show or time or anyth
  4. Will have to play with it and see. My controller can handle 500k speeds. I will try 500k and non enhanced and see how that works. Thanks for hour help buddy
  5. I see you have your files stored in one drive. I wonder if that is contributing to your issue. Maybe it’s a bit slower because it’s getting your files from the one drive server opposed to a physical location on your hard drive.
  6. Load all 85 sequences into a single show. Play that show once. While doing so just unplug your cat cable from your USB485 connector and your show will play on the computer but now on the physical lights (that way people don’t see). It will load all 85 sequences and check them all and compress them all and all that good stuff. As I am assuming your show is not up and running yet you should be able to do this. It should only take about 4-5 hours to run this show. Then after you are done just re enable your good schedule and plug back in hour cables and you should be golden.
  7. Desktop view won’t even work for me. iPhone 11 Pro. It defaults back to the mobile view. They need to fix their code.
  8. I have absolutely zero experience in motion packs but I can tell you that black adapter is not going to work. You need the red high speed one. But I’ll do my best to help anyways. I’m assuming there has to be a way to import these motionpacks into a sequence. Weather it be automatically or via copy paste but I would assume that you’d have to already have your mega tree prop in your preview in order for those effects to play. If there is no prop in your preview then the effects placed within that motion effect row would be ignored as it would fall under a archived prop. I di
  9. Can you provide more info? What type of image file are you trying to use under the motion effect? JPEG? PNG? SVJ? GIF? PSD? Once you select the image does it show in the motion effects preview screen or it won’t even load the image?
  10. Best guess is your AC controllers cannot handle the 500k enhanced speed. I believe the controllers must be V3 or above to handle those speeds. You may need to get a second USB485 adapter and run 2 networks as mentioned above.
  11. The green flashing is because the controller is not communicating with the PC or your director unit. Have you swapped out your cat cable? Have you tried to connect to a PC and see if the flashing stops? When connecting to a PC you will need the USB485 Dongle. Plug it in install the driver. Open HU, auto config and refresh. See if the flashing stops and see if the unit is found. If so then there is no issue with your controller. It is an issue within your director unit or your setup (cabling, etc....)
  12. I don’t have the inputpup I have this. http://store.lightorama.com/ctincoge.html
  13. Oh so I can have the speed at 500k but not enhanced and the triggers will still work?
  14. So I’m running 6 networks. 5 are enhanced with the red HS adapter and 1 is regular with the black adapter. I like to run a setup sequence while setting up which just has most of the lights on. I use the control lights feature in S5 sequencer to start that 10 minute sequence and repeat it until I come in for the night and uncheck control lights. Well every night I struggle with my controllers on the regular network to come on. Sometimes I gotta go out to my first controller and unplug and replug in the cable, sometimes I have to remove the USB adapter from laptop and plug back in. Som
  15. Thanks again!! It’s just the stock one that LOR sells.
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