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  1. Tom, Thanks so much for sharing your library of sequences. I only have 16 channels to work with this year so I hope that I can edit them for my display.
  2. kizziboy - I am new to this as well and see your offer to share. I would greatly appreciate any you would pass along.
  3. Thanks for the advice and the lead to the recent post. I have found it and will grab a few of these to see what I can do with them. I have read a bit about ensuring the music is an exact match to the sequencing. I have also read that Amazon seems to be the best place for music. Any advice on findin ght correct music to go with these sequences ?
  4. Newbee very late to the party ! I just purchased a 16 channel LOR and want to put it to use this year. I would appreciate advice from some of the seasoned users for their suggestions on some simple displays or display ideas that give the best bang for the buck. I am sure some of you have tried ideas that worked better than others. I realize that with very little time my display will have to be simple and I am not going "big" this year. I am thinking of net lights on bushes and wrapping a tree and some porch columns. For the open spaces are displays such as mega trees and leaping arche
  5. James Saw your post offering 16 channel sequences. I would appreciate any that you would be willing to share. I just got involved with this hobby and feel lost. There is just not enough time for me to learn sequencing and get a display up this year. Thanks in advance – Jim
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