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  1. I had time to upgrade to S5 and everything is working great. Adding Peace Pixel Stakes with 5 bullet nodes to a preview was tricky. I have 60. I added 60 props with each their own channel assignments as RGB, one motion effect row. I created separate previews and copied them. I exported props, then imported props. When creating a sequence, it added one motion effect row per pixel stake. (I also use channel level) per stake for other effects like the candle effect mentioned above. I created a nice bounce effect across the stakes by using the "wave" motion effect on the first (top) motion e
  2. Coop, I went to the garage and hooked up the floods and added them as strobing in a sequence on channel 4 & 5. They work and strobe as needed. You are correct that is does not show in the Preview Playback Window. My floods are set up as RGB not traditional in the preview.
  3. I opened a preview and added more bulbs to a pixie 2 port. It only allowed me to add 170 bulbs per port or max circuit 510, then carried over that others. Since I don't like cutting bulbs stings, I'll max out at 150. When I opened the channel level all 150 were there to program!
  4. Matt, every time I hit save on a preview, it adds a higher version number to the preview. I always compress to save time between loading sequences for shows. My shows have no repeat songs because I have many sequences. Is it okay to go into the L: file and delete the older version of compressed files with the lower preview number? Seems like a large amount of data storage just sitting there. Of course you already know all this. Thank you
  5. Phil this happened to me. I changed the Master Preview, then opened a sequence. A box came up with all the information that had changed since the previous opening. I clicked the revert back to previous version #. Obviously that choice was wrong. It changed all sequences back to the older preview version and messed with my grid view. I didn't select save and was able to do it again with the current preview version which just happened to be .172 I found files in L: with all the compressed versions and cleaned them up BTW. Thanks for the back up tip!
  6. Jay, at first upgrade from S4 to S5, my show editor was still pointing to the S4 .lms files in their home folder (sequences), even though I created S5 .loredit files in the sequencer and saved them to the sequence folder. I had to recreate each show with the new S5 .loredit file so it would play in my schedule. Even if it is the same sequence name, the file extension was .lms and should be .loredit S5 will still play your S4 .lms file but if you created S5 .loredit files with Motion Effects or whatever, you probably want to see those in your show not the older S4 sequences. Just my though
  7. by the way, did you fix your 100 pixel problem? I see you are 5.5.6 now.
  8. Where are your .loredit files kept? Look in there and open that one not the .lorprot file that was created when you exported as protected. Both files are now in where you store your sequences.
  9. Your original .loredit file is still there. The software has created a second file that is protected. I don't use protected files anymore. I do compress files so they load faster.
  10. Looks like you are on the right track. Set the port to 100 pixels per port. Since you have a Pro license, upgrade to 5.5.6, it fixes some bugs.
  11. I just went through the upgrade from S4 to S5.5.6 & went through the compression steps and show runs using "show on demand." After all your sequences are completed (seems to never end) and you have loaded each sequence in an order you like in your "show", then I compress everything using the "Sequence Compressor" Of course you can load and compress different options. I've tried them all and my favorite was the "compress entire schedule" It took 45 minutes, but got it done. Now I don't have to compress again, but it's not going to hurt if you do. Then I began running shows on demand
  12. Thank you for fixing this issue in 5.5.6. I really appreciate it. It's the first thing I checked after the update. All the dmx data on the sequences, came over. oh, and the save close and reopen at the last grid view is cool, too!
  13. in S5, My S4 Shows are still pointing to the S4 Sequences because I did not move any files or folders. My Schedule is still pointing to the S4 Show names. If I open the S4 Show, then I can "add" or insert the S5 sequence and "move" it up to the matching S4 sequence. Then "minus" or delete the S4 sequence from the show and save as the same Show name. That migh be easier then creating new shows and schedules. Like a DJ knows, there are certain songs that follow each other and blend nicely. I my different Show's song order. I don't want to start over!
  14. I recently upgraded to S5. I am looking at Shows in the Show Editor section that are complicated and change daily created in S4 Scheduler. They are are still there. When I upgraded S4 sequences to S5, they did not replace the S4 sequences in the Show Editor, (lms vs loredit file). That's alot of manual swapping of sequences so the Show Editor points to the newly upgraded S5 file. Oddly enough, when I insert a S5 loredit file into an already formed S4 Show, it plays both file types (lms and loredit). p.s. I keep my S4 files in a folder under Sequences and my S5 files in a different fo
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