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  1. I would love a copy as well.... tadbraner@att.net Thank you
  2. I would love to have How far I go for the singing faces thank you! Tadbraner@att.net
  3. may I please have a copy? Thank you! Tad tadbraner@att.net
  4. I'd love a copy as well. Thank you, tadbraner@att.net
  5. Im lookin for Moana How Far Ill go if you have it, faces, trees..I'll take it all I have 3 little ones here and a grand baby Thank you tadbraner@att.net
  6. tadbraner@att.net Thank you and this is awesome!
  7. Right now Im throwing up a little. Can I go back to an old version on another computer and keep this version on this computer?
  8. I get the message below when I try to open the new Pro Software with my old sequences. I run 8, 16 channel controllers, 2 for the singing tree faces - LED lights, LED Mega Tree, Various LED on the house and trees and a ribbon tree. How do I upgrade my old sequences to S5 Format? Im doing something wrong because I cannot open my sequences all the way up all I see is pieces of the old sequences. Is there a secret to this??? Thank you, Tad
  9. Anyone willing to share the sequence with me tadbraner@att.net Thank you!
  10. I'd love a copy of Mary Did you KNow. tadbraner@att.net Thank you
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