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  1. I elected to uninstall and download again. So far so good. Now I don't know how to delete this post.
  2. When I try to open the Visualizer, the About LOR licensing splash comes up and then I get a standard "The Light o Rama Visualizer has stopped working" error message. The status message at the bottom of the About splash page seems to get stuck on "Checking Directories". I had this problem several weeks ago. After downloading an AutoCAD upgrade and it seemed to have corrupted my LOR. (Opening LOR gave me an ACAD error message). After uninstalling and reinstalling ACAD the issue seemed to have been corrected, but now it's back to not opening. All other LOR programs seem to be working normally. Can anyone offer any assistance? Thanks in advance, Michael W.
  3. I am trying to add one final (I think/hope) addition to this years show, but I'm stuck. I had planned on using a looped sequence on a tree in my musical show, but I can't get the timing down. Is this even possible or do I need to sequence the tree in a musical show? (I wanted to use the loop feature so I could increase the speed of rotation.) Tree is used for part of my second song. Thanks in advance. Michael
  4. I want to wrap this up before asking more questions. I didn't have a specific question as much as trying to get a general understanding of the was animation and musical sequences could be used together. My problem was that I didn't know animation sequences could be run under the musical tab. Now it makes sense. Thanks again for everyone's help! Michael
  5. Yes, it does help to know that animation sequences can be run in the musical tab. Thank you all! As for my other question, maybe I should back up a step. In a musical sequence, when you see a series of mini trees light up (or a mega tree rotate) faster and faster numerous times, is it a loop (or something similar) causing that effect or are all of those cycles programmed in separately? If it matters I have all white LED 5mm minis and C9s on regular LOR 16 channel controllers with a standard license. Michael
  6. I am trying to figure out how to use loops in my future sequences. It's my understanding that loops are only available in animation sequences and animation and musical sequences run at the same time. So if i am running musical sequences in my show and I want to add a loop effect at some point in the show, how would I coordinate the times of my musical and animation sequences so the loop occurs at the same (correct) time each show? If I want the loop to occur in the middle of a musical sequence, will I have to split that song and make 3 separate shows? Or would I just have to "program" a loop effect manually into my musical sequence? (e.g. 10 cycles getting faster each time) I hope this makes sense. I'm kind of confusing myself. lol Thanks, Michael
  7. I am currently trying to put up all of my lighting strands and set up my controllers, but I don't have my show quite ready yet. My question is whether I can have all lights on (all plugs hot) on the controllers while I am putting up the lights? It really helps to get the overall effect of the lights and allows me to get all the cords run to their controllers. However, I'm not sure this is possible without creating a show. Again, any help is greatly appreciated! Michael
  8. As stated in an earlier post, I am brand new to this so please bear with me and my terminology. When using an existing or pre-made sequence, I need to align or assign the channels to match my display. (I have my display diagrammed and all the strands mapped to channels) Are there any tips or tricks that would help me do this? I am referring more to making the sequence look smooth and not just a bunch of lights flashing in time to the music. Any recommendations as far as doing one channel at a time or a group together? Should I just make a brand new sequence using a template and add the existing channels one by one? I am currently using the Visualizer and it helps immensely, but it is still taking me forever to match all the channels to my lighting configuration and making it look good. Each time I feel as though I am making progress the next channel I assign makes me want to go back and arrange what I have already completed. Is this always an issue or am I missing something? I know this is a very vague question, but at the rate I'm going, I wont be ready til Christmas 2020. Thanks!
  9. I would love a copy if they are still available. mcwoolford33@gmail.com Thanks!
  10. Don, thank you! You have helped immensely.
  11. Total newbie here and I have some pretty basic questions. I am not even sure of the terminology, which makes it tough to search for answers on here. Please bear with me. I have ordered the Showtime Central Starter Package ShowTime Central with miniDirector and FM TransmitterS3 Basic Plus Suite LicenseUSB Adapter and USB filtered cable30 Amp ReadyToGo 16 channel light controller50' Cat5 cable to connect Director and light controller with 2 additional 16 channel controllers (for a total of 48 channels) and the Plug n Show SD card. 1. What is a "director"? 2. With the LOR Basic Suite software, I can edit the arrangement (sequences?) on my computer, then just plug the card back into the 1st controller when I have finished editing? 3. Using 3 controllers daisy chained together, does only the first one need an SD card? Are there any other accessories I need for the additional controllers? Do the additional controllers from LOR come with CAT5 cables? 4. I have the option of locating all of the controllers together under a patio roof to keep them out of the weather - or - Installing them spread out across my display so they are closer to the light strands each controls. (Reducing the lengths of the extension cords and minimizing cords running over walkways and the driveway) Which option is recommended? 5. What is it called when the lights on a strand come on individually to give the illusion of flow? 6. Can I download the editing software to multiple computers or is it a one time download license? Thanks in advance for any assistance or advice you can give! I am excited to get started, but as you can tell, I'm clueless. Michael
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