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  1. Anybody care to share? I know this is old. Looking for Dance of the Sugar Plum fairy as well. Thanks. covertrain@cox.net
  2. Hi Paul. Would you mind sharing this with me? I am probably doing to do most of it on my own but I am struggling with a couple parts and need some ideas. I will PM you my email.
  3. We had some unexpected company for the holidays and my niece is staying with us. It's her favorite Christmas song. Anybody have this sequenced by chance?
  4. That's cool. I noticed even on your single at the peak of the roof you have a semi fire effect. Any ideas how I can replicate that pattern?
  5. Might be a really dumb question but has anybody managed to get a neat fire effect with pixels? It would be cool with my arches but not sure that is possible. I have an extra set of Pixels (50 per port) that I am thinking I need to figure out what to do with. I just thought having a fire effect would be cool.
  6. I went against conventional wisdom and switched to S5 at the last minute. Supposingky I had no issues. However, I am adding more pixel lights next year and need some new sequencing. Any video tutorials out there on S5 to do cool things like waves etc.?!?
  7. I am revising my statement. I opened a sequence in S5, it asked me if I wanted to use an existing preview from last year I created. I opened it, saved it as a new version 2019. Then continued to open the sequence. I then re-saved the sequence in a new folder labeled 2019. I was hoping it was that simple. Well, I created a new show file, added that sequence and it played through once then I got playback errors in the log console. YIKES! FYI. I plan on running the show from my laptop using S4. However, I would still like to learn how to properly import (I assume I am doing something wrong) and learn to use the software over the next month or so. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Sorry to hear this. My lights were vandalized this year as well. So disheartening to know such cruel people would do stuff like this.
  9. Thanks everyone for the community support. FYI, I couldn't replace everything this season but I have it back up and running at least. Screw this person. Evidently, they hit several neighborhoods in the vicinity and did lots of damage. None of them had a synchronized light show like me but still. Unfortunately, multiple videos caught the person using their GMC Yukon to purposely drive over decorations but not one good picture of a license plate. Such a Grinchy thing to do. I am so pissed I am going to go bigger next year. Going to hit the sale, replace some old LOR controllers with some LED ones and say a big screw you to the person who did it. I wish I could pony up to get at least one new replacement CCR controller but it's tough right before Christmas. Again, thanks everything for the well wishes and thoughts. Hopefully Santa puts the jerk on the naughty list.
  10. Have a $500 dollar deductible. About the same was done in damage so a claim would make no sense. Honestly, if it wasn't for my kids this would be enough for me to hang it up.
  11. My light show was vandalized last night. My neighbor a few houses down was also hit. I was already down a CCR 2 ribbon and now down another thanks to the vandals. Other decorations were not salvageable. We are assessing damage but I think I might be able to band-aid things together. What has the world come to?
  12. OK. Thanks I didn't think so. Bummer. I was trying to figure out a way to make this happen this year.
  13. Hi all. I am thinking of adding a second projector to my Halloween display. I have one that shows video in a window but I wanted to add one outdoors for different effect. I know how to get LOR to run one video image but is it possible to control a second video image outside without it showing the same sequence in doors? In other words two completely discrete video displays. I hope that makes sense but don't know if that is possible. My guess is no and I don't think filming split screen and dividing the "full screen" between windows will work for me since I already have to do that for two windows in the front where I show my current video. It would only be for one effect but I can't think of a way to do it.
  14. Thanks. I just opened a ticket. I hope they can help. If not, I might do without arches this year. I might as well buy a new controller if the above prices for the replacement are correct. If they are not anymore durable? What is the point?
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