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  1. I took one inch pvc and screwed into the back of the controller. And just drive rebar in ground slide pvc on the rebar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Cheap lights has dmx coffers for cheappp like 138 bucks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 10 color cosmic pixels. Pm sent.
  4. aesl1982


    Actually most people do use a window on one channel and bush on another and another window on another and so on. The more channels you use the more in depth the show. And the more props you have as well. If ur running short on channels you could always group things on the same channel. But I'm pretty sure almost everyone uses one channel per prop except for arches mega trees etc. those are channel eaters.
  5. All gen three. 3 from last year and 5 bough year before. Built and assembled from LOR. all in good shape 150 a piece PayPal shipped. Or take all 8 for 1000.
  6. That ion is nice I have two of them out side
  7. love Brian's star. Very impressed
  8. Boscoyo studios sells a pixel pole that U just pop Ur pixels into. It's nice
  9. Has anyone tried using bullet bodes with the hdpe vs the strips
  10. Phantom 4 just came out today. Has obstacle avoidance. Feature never seen before I believe
  11. Any updates on the shipping of these for those who bought
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